reconditioned Android smartphones … falling Google services

and OS

Gaël Duval, creator of the Mandrake Linux distribution, wants with his foundation / e / OS to offer Android smartphones freed by Google services and guarantee the confidentiality of personal data.

The Foundation fights the commercial exploitation of personal data by Google

Designed by Google android as a very convenient system for manufacturers that allows them to offer smartphones at relatively low prices and reach the majority of users.

The search engine is paid by services installed by default on devices, which retrieve a large amount of data monetized by advertisers.

Gaël Duval, known for having created and developed the Mandrake Linux distribution, rejects this fact and established in 2017 the foundation [s] and an alternative mobile system called / and / OS. The latter, based on Lineage OS, a declination Open-source Android, integrates all the basic functions of the system by removing all online services signed by Google. It is officially compatible or not with 81 smartphones, including some HTC, Motorola, Samsung, OnePlus … and even Google brands.

Smartphones renewed and cleaned by Google services are available in June

The foundation / e / wants to go further and will be offering ready-made smartphones under / and / OS in the coming weeks. For the moment 4 references are proposed: Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S9 and S9 +. Prices range from 279 euros for S7 to 549 for the newer Galaxy S9 +.

The phones will be models Recon, renewed by the teams of Gaël Duval and delivered to the buyers by June. They will be invited to give their opinion to improve the program over the months.

If you want to be one of the first testers, go to the foundation's website and register for free by selecting the model that interests you. Payment will be made once the device is ready for shipment.

Source: Android police


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