Reconfinement: the Region is stepping up its aid – Reconfinement: all you need to know about business aid

Lecture : 2 minutes

The Region is strengthening its support systems for businesses and shops. Here is the detail.

The President of the Brittany Region, Loïg Chesnais-Girard, and Laurence Fortin, Vice-president for the economy, announced

new measures to help companies and associations cope with the situation.

1 The Covid-resistance loan: aid ceiling doubled from November 26

The Covid-resistance loan will become accessible, under certain conditions, to a wider target from the end of November: beneficiaries of the EMP, companies with up to 20 employees and € 1.5 million in turnover. Until now, the system was limited to companies with ten employees and € 1 million turnover. As for the loan ceiling, it will be doubled to reach € 20 million for businesses and merchant associations.

Endowed with € 27.5 million, Covid-resistance is a zero-rate loan, with 18-month deferred repayment, intended for associations and companies. Some 300 companies and associations have taken out this loan, which brings together the Region, inter-municipal authorities, Departments and Bank of the Territories.

2 Rebound loan: additional € 3 million

Between mid-March and the end of September, 230 VSEs and SMEs had recourse to the Rebound loan for a total amount of € 17 million financed by the Region, Feder and bpifrance funds. The Region is supporting this rebound loan of an additional € 3 million. bpifrance contributes € 8 million to reach a total amount of € 11 million in additional loans.

With an average loan of € 75,000, it was mainly requested by businesses (28%), industrial companies (16%), accommodation and catering (13%) and, for more than half, beneficiary companies had less than 10 employees.

This participatory loan from € 20,000, at zero rate and without guarantee, for a period of seven years, with a two-year grace period, is intended to finance the cash flow needs related to the economic situation, for businesses in addition to one year and less than 50 employees.

3 Digital and inter-municipal

In order to support professionals in taking the digital turn, each intermunicipal authority, which manages the Commerce & Crafts PASS on its territory, will have the possibility of making the terms more flexible to facilitate the acquisition of equipment or the purchase of services. support or training. If the inter-municipal authority so wishes, the support may reach 50% of the investments made and the expenditure floor reduced to € 2,000.

The Region supports up to € 15,000 for intercommunalities that set up digital marketplaces in their territory. At the same time, a new version of the site is being prepared.

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