“Record sheep” Chris died in Australia at the age of ten


At the age of about ten years, a Merino sheep died in Australia, making headlines worldwide due to an incredibly thick coat. The animal named Chris passed away due to old age, as the zoo told Little Oak Sanctuary on Tuesday. The sheep had weighed a record 42.3 kilograms of wool in 2015 after years of shearing. At that time, it was trotting under its own weight near the capital Canberra. Chris was barely able to walk.

“Record sheep” Chris spent the last few years in the zoo

The zoo, where the sheep, who are much slimmer after a shearing, spent their last years, wrote: “We have lost a sweet, wise and friendly soul, our hearts are broken.” At that time, the coat had been taken off Chris by a multi-award winning clipper, Ian Elkins. The procedure took three quarters of an hour. Elkins said he has never seen such a thing in 35 years of career.


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