“Recovered 600 million won in house price that lost 1 billion won, and suddenly the rent was exhausted… The changed Gaepo residence [부동산360]”- The Herald Economy

Gaepo-dong, 3375-unit large-scale apartment complex
Upgrading atmosphere after preliminary inspection on the 7th to 9th
Dedicated 84㎡ Chartered 1 billion to 1.1 billion units, which was 900 million units
Brokerage “Pre-inspection response is good, price is rising”
However, an expert said, “Gangnam, which has a lot of volume, will fall again”

Gaepo Xi Residence in Gaepo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Reporter Shin Hye-won

[헤럴드경제=신혜원 기자] It is noteworthy that the rental price of Gaepo Xi Residence, a large complex with 3375 households, where occupancy begins in early March, is rebounding slightly after repeated declines. It is analyzed that although the decline in the rental price was accelerating in the aftermath of the large-scale occupancy, the rental price turned upward due to the timing of the Gaepo Xi Residence pre-inspection and expectations for deregulation. However, in relation to this trend, there is also a prospect that ‘it is only a temporary phenomenon and may experience a downward trend again’.

According to the real estate industry on the 10th, the 84㎡ exclusive area of ​​Gaepo Xi Residence in Gaepo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, where the 1 billion won line was broken at the end of last month and charter sales of 900 million won appeared, recently rose by 100 million to 200 million won, and the market price rose to 1 billion to 1.1 billion won. is formed

The representative of Gaepo-dong authorized brokerage office A said, “As all urgent items are sold out, the rental price is rising.” “The price has recovered a lot. In the 84㎡ dedicated to the charter, there are 900 million units for sale, and the lowest is 1 billion units,” he explained.

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It is interpreted that such a rebound in the rental price was not only due to the exhaustion of urgent sales, but also to the pre-inspection conducted for 3 days from the 7th to the previous day. After the pre-inspection started on the 7th, reviews of photos of the inside of Gaepo Xi Residence and community facilities began to appear on various online communities, and the atmosphere is very favorable.

In fact, among Naver real estate charter listings, 84㎡ for exclusive use, which was 1.1 billion won, rose to 1.2 billion won on the 7th when the pre-inspection began, and 59㎡ for exclusive use, which was 800 million won, jumped to 900 million won on the 9th.

The representative of the B-licensed brokerage office near Gaepo Xi Residence said, “The response to the pre-inspection is very good. Because the location requirements such as community and elementary school are good, the price (after preliminary inspection) has risen little by little.”

The representative of authorized brokerage office C also said, “After looking at a lot of houses during the pre-inspection, landlords are in an atmosphere of wanting to receive a little more than the previous monthly rent price.” I’m embarrassed. Those who can follow the price follow, but those who do not have a lot of dissatisfaction, so there is an off-beat.”

He added, “There is a possibility of a price increase, but I think we will have to see the trend for about 3 to 4 days.”

It seems that not only the jeonse price but also the sale price is being adjusted upwards. The representative of the authorized brokerage office B said, “The sale of the exclusive 84㎡ property, which was originally worth 2.3 billion won, was concluded for 2.6 billion won the other day.” Although there is a difference in price by floor and building, the sale of the same area was traded at 2 billion won on the 29th of last month. The highest sale price is 2.95 billion won, and the house price, which has fallen by nearly 1 billion won, is somewhat rebounding.

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It is also interpreted that the expectation of deregulation created by the government’s announcement of the 1st and 3rd real estate measures may also have played a role in the trend of changes in the sales and rental prices of Gaepo Xi Residence. Although Gangnam 3-gu (Gangnam, Seocho, Songpa-gu) and Yongsan-gu were excluded from the beneficiaries of this measure, such as lifting the regulatory area and lifting the pre-sale price ceiling, there is a psychological expectation that ‘we will be released soon’.

The representative of the authorized brokerage office B said, “Gangnam-gu is not applicable, but the government removed the DSR regulation and solved the rest, so the price rose by 100 million to 200 million, probably because of the influence of it.”

However, Kim Hyo-sun, senior member of NH Nonghyup Bank Real Estate Committee, said, “It is difficult to see this as a sign of a rebound in Gangnam. It is difficult for the price to continue to rise,” he observed.

According to Real Estate R114, the number of newly moved households in Seoul this year was 25,729, up from last year (24,143). Among them, Gangnam-gu is expected to have 6,371 households, or 25% of the total volume in Seoul. As such, as a large-scale ‘volume bomb’ is predicted in Gangnam-gu, it is analyzed that the jeonse price may drop further as the phenomenon of chartered property congestion intensifies.

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