“Recovering from this bug”: Omar Chaparro spoke after his COVID-19 infection

Omar Chaparro spoke of his contagion of COVID-19 (IG: omarchaparro)

Actor and comedian Omar Chaparro shared a message with his followers on Instagram to talk about his COVID-19 infection.

Omar uploaded a photo to the social network in which he was seen comfortably leaning on his motorcycle.

“Successfully recovering from this incisor bug”, wrote to accompany the photo. “Thank you for all your displays of affection and affection, please take good care of yourselves, if you are going to leave your houses wear the mask, if you are going to do crazy things on the motorcycle wear the helmet” added.

His post was immediately filled with messages from both media personalities such as Adal Ramones and the standup Mau Nieto, as well as from his followers.

The message of Omar Chaparro before his contagion of COVID-19

The message of Omar Chaparro before his contagion of COVID-19

In the midst of various versions and speculation, especially after Televisa issue a statement on seven infections of COVID-19 registered within Empire of lies, you remember me and Who is the mask? – there was talk of a possible contagion of Chaparro, which was finally confirmed by the journalist Javier Pose.

Poza wrote on his Twitter account last Friday: “Omar Chaparro confirms, via text message, that he is positive for COVID-19 and although the bug is strong, in two weeks it will be as good as new.”

Already on Saturday night Omar had been grateful for the samples of support received. “Thank you for your messages of support, we are going there little by little. Take good care of yourselves, please ”.


At first it was said that also Consuelo Duval, Chaparro’s partner in Who is the mask? would be infected with COVID-19; however, she has not confirmed it.

In his social networks he has not commented on the matter and has only shared information related to the program of Televisa in which they also participate Adrián Uribe and Carlos Rivera.

What did circulate in networks a few days ago was a clip where Duval was seen undergoing a test for COVID-19.

Duval suffered a bit with the swab down his throat and explained that it was a sensation similar to when you are swimming and water gets into your nose.

It was also said that Consuelo Duval would be infected, but it has not been confirmed (Photo: Instagram @ consueloduval)

It was also said that Consuelo Duval would be infected, but it has not been confirmed (Photo: Instagram @ consueloduval)


While in Televisa there are new infections of COVID-19, the presenter Andrea Legarreta is already about to return to her activity in the Program Today.

Almost three weeks ago it was learned of the contagion of Legarreta, who presented symptoms such as tiredness, body aches, and loss of smell.

The presenter was hospitalized for a couple of days because she already had breathing problems, so her doctors advised her to go into the hospital to remain under observation. The matter did not pass over and soon Andrea was able to return home.

Andrea Legarreta is ready to go back to “Today”

Andrea is already recovered and for a show, last weekend she went to a beauty salon to fix her hair for her return to Hoy, but her departure brought her some criticism from people who think she can still infect.

He uploaded a 15-minute video to his Instagram account where he responded to the attacks, criticism and accusations, “For me it is important to touch up my hair. It is not life or death ”, explained.

Legarreta recalled that he has always advised women to love themselves, take care of themselves, love each other and feel beautiful for themselves.

“Yes, it is important for me to feel pretty. After COVID my skin has dehydrated in a way that you have no idea, I lost muscle mass, I lost weight. I don’t feel the same, what’s wrong with me retouching my roots ”.


Andrea Legarreta responded to attacks for going to a beauty salon after contagion of COVID-19: “For me it is important”

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