Recruited by the National Police, Brigadier General Rusdi Beber the Post that will be Occupied by Novel Baswedan et al – FAJAR

FAJAR.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The Head of the Public Information Bureau (Karopenmas) of the National Police Public Relations Division, Brigadier General Rusdi Hartono, said that the placement of 57 former KPK employees who did not pass the National Insight Test (TWK) as National Police ASN would be adjusted according to their abilities.

According to Rusdi, because not all of the 57 former KPK employees served as investigators and investigators, their placement was adjusted to the position in question while working at the KPK.

“The placement is adjusted, because not all of the 57 former KPK employees are investigators or investigators. There is in the planning field, there is in the HR field, there is also in the security sector, this will be adjusted when the person concerned works at the KPK,” said Rusdi, in Jakarta, Tuesday (23/11).

The placement of 57 former KPK employees, said Rusdi, will be in accordance with the recommendations given by the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (Kemenpan RB).

He said that the National Police had obtained positions that would be filled by former KPK employees according to the direction of the RB Ministry.

“Police have obtained any positions, yes. The PAN RB Ministry has given the positions which can be filled by the 57 former KPK employees,” said Rusdi.


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