Recycled J: "They have given me a lot of trouble for being soft"

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“They’ve given me a lot of trouble for singing, for my lyrics or for being soft. Now the values ​​have changed and that’s cool. So, am I cool now or what?” he reflects. Recycled J.

The man from Madrid arrives at the interview dressed in black from head to toe. He is the first person in years to ask what color the background of the recording studio is before coming. He breaks up his monochromatic look with a Dior bag crossed over his chest. The model is similar to the one worn by soccer player Borja Iglesias at a friend’s wedding and for which so much commotion was generated. Recycled himself – his real name is Jorge Escorial – recognizes that for himself it would have been something unthinkable a few years ago. Those, in which he sang, modifying his voice to make it deeper and sound “like a male.”

Raised in Carabanchel and being one of the most recognized rap artists underground from the capital a decade ago, age, influences and work have helped him get rid of all that “what should be” to forge his own personality. And he leaves no room for improvisation.

The lyrics, the sounds, the videos, the promotion and even his own body are part of a whole in his project. “I also include myself, myself. And, if art has to provoke things in people, I have to do it too. It is not the same that I come here lying in a tracksuit than, for example, I do it in a suit and super elegant,” he points out.

Just published Casanovahis third studio album and of which he will release an edition this October deluxe with four collaborations. The first of them, with Villano Antillano, can now be heard.

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