Red alert. This is how processed meat threatens our health

The consumption from meat rossa transformed increases the risk to contract illnesses cardiovascular of the 18%. From a study conducted byOxford University and published in Critical review in Food Science and Nutrition, a new link emerges between foods such as bacon, prosciutto, sausages, hamburger and the onset of even serious pathologies. This time, an increased coronary risk was found while a previous study, conducted by the same research group, indicated that even moderate intake of processed red meat is associated with increasing the chances of developing bowel cancer. Not a novelty. The same Iarc, the Cancer Research Agency ofWHO, in 2015, had entered the red meat processed in class 1, among the certain carcinogens for humans and the untransformed red one among the “probable carcinogens”.

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The new study, referred to in the new issue on newsstands we propose a ample deepening, was conducted by the Department of Public Health of the prestigious British university and was presented as “the largest systematic review prospective evidence published to date”And looked at thirteen cohort studies they have involved over 1.4 million people. All participants, citizens Europeans e Americans, they completed detailed dietary assessments, and their health was monitored for up to 30 years.
The results? Definitely strong: consuming 50 grams per day of sausages, hamburgers, frankfurters and related foods, an 18% increase in cardiovascular diseases was observed.
What impact do other meats have on consumer health? The daily intake of 50 grams of unprocessed red meat, such as beef slices, pork chops or lamb chops, pointed out a 9% increase in coronary heart disease. No bond instead between the consumption of white meat as it is – as chicken O Turkey – and the presence of disorders of the cardiovascular system.

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Saturated fat and salt under accusation

Oxford researchers speculate that these findings are related tohigh saturated fat content in red meat and high salt content in processed meat. “High intakes of saturated fat – they write – increase the levels of cholesterol harmful (Ldl), while excessive salt consumption increases blood pressure. Both LDL cholesterol and hypertension are well-established risk factors for coronary heart disease ”. The doctor Keren Paper, co-author of the study, explained: “Red and processed meat has been consistently linked to bowel cancer as our previous studies show and now new findings suggest an additional role in heart disease. Therefore, the current recommendations for to limit the consumption of red and processed meat can also help in prevention of the illness coronary heart disease ”which affects about 10% of the adult population. Yet this incidence could easily be reduced if “the consumption of unprocessed red meat were cut by 75%, for example by passing four times to once a weeka ”if not even more drastically, making these foods disappear from the daily menu.
In addition to representing a threat to one’s health, unprocessed red meat, like sugar for obesity and diabetes, also represents a “burden” for public health and related hospital costs. For this reason i Oxford University researchers and doctors have publicly stated of to sustain the introduction of a real meat tax which, like the sugar tax, disadvantages the consumption of red meat and supports state investments in health care.

“We need an ad hoc tax”

the diseases related to the consumption of red meat, argued a study published in 2018 in the scientific journal Public Library of Science One, they cost to the public coffers 285 billion dollars a year worldwide.
“A’tax of the 20% on unprocessed meat (such as steaks) he was born in 10% on the worked one (such as sausages, sausages and bacon) – the study read – would generate a revenue of $ 170 billion, which can be used to support the increasingly high levels of treatment linked to the excessive consumption of these foods ”. At the same time, the meat tax could discourage consumption and reduce deaths by 220,000 per year. According to the researchers, if the average meat consumption was reduced by two servings per week – currently in rich countries the average is one serving per day – at least it could be halve the dead linked to these eating styles. A goal that is certainly not impossible to achieve.

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