Red card and penalty: Gones and Greens criticize the referee


Copywriting, published Saturday 24 November 2018 at 00.05

After the derby won by Olympique Lyonnais against Saint-Etienne (1-0), Rafael assured that he should never have been sent off. And Yannis Salibur, believes he should get a penalty.

An unjustified expulsion on the one hand, a forgotten penalty for the other: the referee of the match between Olympique Lyonnais and Saint-Etienne (1-0), this Friday evening, opening on the 14th day, it made people unhappy. Rafael, the Gones side, initially felt that he should never have been brought back into the locker room by Antony Gautier, the umpire of the meeting, for a tackle on M & # 39; Vila (70th).

Salibur wanted the VAR to be used

"In football, we face, I touched the ball, I did not even touch the guy, I got the mixed zone in Brazil, and if I get kicked out of every game for that, it's over. not even guilt.I saw the video ten times.Yannis Salibur posted a tweet complaining about the use of VAR.At & # 39; 82 & # 39 ;, the midfielder failed to recover a central point from Hamouma, embarrassed in the area by Lucas Tousart.The referee has not whistled anything and did not even want to review the action with the video assistance.


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