Red Dead Online is definitely in the Battle Royale with Gun Rush mode, a preview of upcoming data updates


Since it was released last October, Red Dead Redemption 2 It is not so much about which one speaks for his solo experience of quality acclaimed by the critics. This really is its multiplayer component Red Dead online which now attracts media attention, is still in beta status.

Red Dead Online Gun Rush 10 01 2019

Rockstar has published a new article on his website, which first explains it the beta will last a few months, with new features yet to come and various adjustments to make the experience more stable. But what interests us most is our attention the new game mode set today, entitled Run on your arms (Gun Rush in English). This is simplya Battle Royale to 32 players, playable alone or in a team, where it is necessary to go to take arms and ammunition while the playing area is small, the goal is to be the last survivor. This is not the first mode that embraces the path of Battle Royale in Red Dead onlinewhy Every weapon counts has already taken this concept.

But wait, that's not all, why here are the next updates in terms of changes, in addition to additional races, clothing and interactions:

  • Daily challenges : Every day, tackle new challenges that cover all aspects of the game, such as your shooting skills or your ability to escape from the authorities.

  • Changes in the system of crimes and bonuses The system of crimes and bonuses will also undergo some changes in Red Dead Online, to reduce the temptation of some to harass other players. Very soon, players will see their heads listed if they commit crimes and will be encouraged to pay their premium in a timely manner. If they wait too long, bounty hunters from all states will be on their heels, and players will have no choice but to pay their premiums or try to escape.
  • Changes in speeches : we will simplify the activation of the interview system in order to avoid more aggressive players. It will also be easier to launch conflicts, group conflicts and leader conflicts in order to face other players in a structured competition.
  • Player icons nearby : reduce the distance at which the player icons appear on other players' radars to decrease the chances of being attacked from afar. Ultimately, we also hope to be able to identify players who harass and kill indiscriminately by making their icons darker and more visible at a greater distance, so that all players a session can identify potentially dangerous opponents from far enough.

Later in 2019, obviously unpublished contents will appearand here are some examples to wait and give an idea of ​​what awaits us:

  • New missions for "A land of opportunity" with Horley and Jessica LeClerk, but also with new characters;
  • A series of dynamic events all over the world;
  • New competitive modes, including clashes and competitions;
  • Weapons and clothes, and many other things we can not talk about yet …

Finally, note that the bonuses previously reserved for players PlayStation they are now available for those with the Xbox One version. In short, Red Dead online risk of making a lot of noise in 2019.

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