Red Dead Redemption 2 Gun positions - Rare weapons, How to unlock, Customize

The Red Dead Redemption 2 weapon position guide will help you find all the weapons in the game, whether it's weapons you can buy from stores, legendary weapons or rare weapons to find and weapon modifications that you can improve with statistics.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Positions of weapons

Red Dead Redemption 2 weapons are your main tools of the trade. Without them, Arthur Morgan will end up dead in the middle of nowhere. In the beginning, Arthur has his trusty revolver with him to deal with any problems.

As the game progresses, you will find more weapons than you can buy. However, not all weapons are available for any other gunsmith or seller in Red Dead Redemption 2.

It means that there are weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2 that are available to be purchased by all gunsmiths, weapons that are exclusive to a specific gunsmith, rare or special weapons that need to be collected.

Having a weapon is not enough as players have to make sure that they do not degrade by periodically repairing them. Players can also customize their weapons to increase their stats. You must also consider the type of ammunition while shooting their weapon in RDR2.

In our Red Dead Redemption 2 weapons guide, we will discuss everything from weapons to their modifications, types of ammunition and their degradation.

RDR2 Rare Weapons Locations

Red Dead Redemption 2 rare weapons are not available as they must be found and collected. Rare weapons in the game can not be customized. If you like the unique weapons in the game you would like to add to your collection of arsenals, follow the descriptions of the places below to find them:

Falco & # 39; s Revolver
Falco & # 39; s Revolver belongs to Falco Hernandez. You can find this weapon next to Falco's body after defeating him in the corresponding gunfighter mission. If you do not collect this weapon, you will not be able to buy it from anywhere else in the game. This weapon will be lost forever.

Granger's Revolver
Granger's Revolver is another rare Red Dead Redemption weapon 2. You will find this weapon next to Emmet Granger's body after defeating him in the corresponding Gunslinger mission. If you miss this weapon the first time, you will not find it anymore and it will be lost forever.

Algernon Revolver
The Algernon & # 39; s Revolver is a reward in RDR2 for completing the "Duchesse and other animals" mission.

Micah & # 39; s Revolver
Micah's Revolver will be found at the top of Mount Hagen. However, you must come back here after the last shooting in the "American Venom" mission (Epilogue 2). Recover this weapon from the frozen corpse.

Calloway revolver
Complete the "Noblest of Men and a Woman" mission and collect the Calloway Revolver from the corpse of your victim who you defeated in the duel. If you can not buy the weapon, it will not come back and you will not be able to get it from any supplier.

Otis Miller's Revolver
Otis Miller's Revolver is purchased from a cashier that is hard to find. The trunk is located in the northern part of the Cholla springs. Two secret treasure maps also take you to this weapon.

Midnight & # 39; s Pistol
The Midnight's Pistol is next to Billy Midnight's body after you defeated him in the corresponding Gunslinger Mission. If you forget to take the midnight gun, it will not come back and it will disappear forever.

Rare rifle
The rare RDR2 rifle is acquired by killing the character called Ermita. If you do not collect it, then it will disappear forever.

Rare Rolling Block Rifle
Rare Rolling Block Rifle is dropped by the sniper in the barn in the "Magician for Sport" mission in Chapter 3. If you do not collect it, then it will be lost forever.

Ancient Tomahawk
The Ancient Tomahawk can be purchased from a broken lens on the east side of Calumet Revine.

Jawbone Knife
Jawbone Knife is the reward for completing the "A Test of Faith" mission.

Wide-blade knife
The wide-bladed knife can be found on a body in Beryl's dream mine, located west of Mount Shann. You need to blow up the rocks along the way.

Civil war knife
This rare weapon in RDR2 can be found inside a case. The box itself is located in the basement of Fort Brennand, in the south-west of Van Horn.

Antler knife
Found on the body of a bear. The bear can be found in the northwest of the hanging Dog Ranch.

Broken Pirate Sword
Broken Pirate Sword is another weapon of Red Dead Redemption 2. It can be found in a wrecked boat on small islands located south of the Sint Denis south bridge.

Stone Hatchet
Stone Hatchet is only available to those players who have completed the corresponding Bounty Hunter mission in GTA Online. It can be found in the burial site native to the north of Owanjila.

Double Bit Hatchet
Double Bit Hatchet is located on a tree trunk located north-west of the Wallace station.

Double rusty tip ax
Rusty double-bit ax sits in a tree stump in Annesburg. The stump is located north of the coal mine.

Hatching Hatchet
Located in a tree stump located on the south bank of Moonstone Pond.

Viking Hatchet
Viking Hatchet is located in the old tomb located northeast of Beaver Hollow.

Hunter Hatchet
This rate weapon is found in a tree stump located south of Window Rock.

Hunter Hatchet rusty
Found in a tree trunk outside the shack between O & # 39; Run & Elysian Pool.

Weapons available at all gunsmiths

The RDR2 weapons that will be listed here are those available from each gunsmith. You could say that these are the common weapons that can be easily bought.

We also describe the unlocking requirements for RDR2 weapons that must be met in order to purchase them. These requirements require you to complete some missions before you can purchase these weapons.

Weapon Price Also available in Unblock the requirement
Cattleman Revolver $ 50 n / A Complete "Outlaws From the West" (Chapter 1)
Rifle repeater $ 90 n / A Complete "old friends" (chapter 1)
Volcanic gun $ 150 n / A Complete "Eastward Bound" (Chapter 1)
Springfield Rifle $ 120 n / A Complete "Eastward Bound" (Chapter 1)
Varmint Rifle $ 72 n / A Complete "Eastward Bound" (Chapter 1)
Double-barreled shotgun $ 95 n / A Complete "Paying a Social Call" (Chapter 2)
Pump-Action Shotgun $ 148, Blackwater General Store Complete "Pouring Forth Oil" (Chapter 2)
Double action revolver $ 65 Strawberry General Store Complete "A Strange Kindness" (Chapter 2)
Lancaster Repeater $ 135 n / A Complete "An American pastoral scene" (chapter 2)
Sawed-off shotgun $ 85, n / A Complete "Enter, Pursued by a Memory" (Chapter 1)
Rolling Block Rifle $ 187 Strawberry General Store Complete "The sheep and the goats" (chapter 2)
Schofield Revolver $ 84 Blackwater General Store Complete "Blessed are the meek?" (Chapter 2)
Bolt Action Rifle $ 180 n / A Complete "Preach forgiveness as it went" (Chapter 3)
Semi-automatic rifle $ 225 Strawberry General Store Complete "A beautiful night of debauchery" (chapter 4)
Repeating Shotgun $ 185 n / A Complete "Visiting hours" (Chapter 6)
Litchfield Repeater $ 145 Blackwater General Store Complete "Goodbye, dear friend" (chapter 6)
Carcano $ 190 n / A Complete "Complete" Eastward Bound "(Chapter 1)

Valentine's Day and Saint Denis Exclusive weapons

There are a couple of Red Dead Redemption 2 weapons that are exclusive to the gunsmith in the city of San Valentino and San Denis. These exclusive weapons also have unlocking requirements. It meets these requirements and these weapons will become affordable in the game.

  • Semi-automatic pistol – $ 210 – Complete "The joys of civilization" (chapter 6)
  • Mauser Pistol – $ 250 – Complete "That & # 39; s Murfee Country" (Chapter 6)

Weapons available at fences

Since Arthur Morgan is an outlaw, he needs a place where he can sell and buy stolen items that can not be made with gunsmiths and stores in general. That's why there are Fences in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Fences are shops where Arthur Morgan can buy and sell stolen items like weapons. However, Fences sell weapons like dynamite, Tomahawk, throwing knives and more.

Below are the weapons that can only be purchased from Fences:

Weapon Price Also available in Unblock the requirement
Dynamite $ 1 n / A Complete "Who The Hell is Leviticus" (Chapter 1)
Throwing a knife $ 2.5 Trapper Complete "Paying a social count" (Chapter 2)
Tomahawk $ 4 Trapper Complete "American At Rest" (Chapter 2)
Bottle of fire $ from 0.75 n / A Complete "The beautiful joys of tobacco" (chapter 3)
ax $ 4.25 n / A Complete "Dead Uncle Tacitus" (Chapter 5)
Cleaver $ 8 n / A Complete "Dead Uncle Tacitus" (Chapter 5)
machete $ 10 n / A Complete "Dead Uncle Tacitus" (Chapter 5)

Changes and customization of weapons

Weapons can be customized in Red Dead Dead Redemption 2. These customizations include changes to different weapon components. However, not all weapons are customizable like all the rare weapons listed above.

The personalization of the weapon involves the modification of different parts of the weapon. Following are the various changes to the components that can be performed in the game:

Length of the cane
Barrel Length improves the accuracy of the weapon in RDR2. This is a revolver, gun and specific rifle modification or customization. However, Sawing-Off Shotgun is an exception.

This is a specific modification of gun and revolver. This changes the design of the sidearm handle. However, there are a couple of specific grips for some revolvers:

  • Hero Pearl Grip – Exclusive for Cattleman Revolver if the Honor grade is at least 4
  • Gunslinger Ebony Grip – Exclusive for double action revolvers if the degree of honor is at least 4

Barrel Rifling
This modification of the weapon increases the volatility of the projectile and also the distance. Obviously, this is only for long-range weapons. Improved Rifling Barrel increases the range by 10% and damages the fall range.

Iron Sights
It makes it easier to aim your weapon. Available for all firearms except Snipers.

These are exclusive repetitions of the rifle and repeater. This change improves the aim.

Changing the stock changes the grain of the wooden section of long-arm weapons. This is only available for repeaters, shotguns and shotguns.

The modification of the casing protects the weapon from wear and tear due to use. Available for repeaters, shotguns and shotguns.

That's all for our guide with suggestions on all weapons, including rare weapons, exclusive Gunsmith weapons and weapon customizations.

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