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No doubt, Red Dead Redemption 2 It is one of the most successful videogames this year. In a delivery that took years to be perfected and in addition to maps with an important dimension, but that does not keep the players calm, since it becomes very annoying not being able to adopt cats.

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This is the new complaint of the players, the fact that you can not adopt the cats present, and that's why I took a user of the game to create a signature on The same user ensures it Rockstar You discriminate against animals, although obviously it should only be a joke on your part, it can also be read at your request, "We can not adopt cats, but if we can do it with dogs, what about this animal racism?"

Although it seems only a small problem compared to other major mistakes within the game, the petition already has 2,007 votes from people who clearly want to have a cat as their pet. Now we just have to wait and see what it will do Rockstar about


Publisher: Gaming / Facebook / chirping / Coverage



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