Red Dead Redemption 2: YouTube restores the anti-feminist and racist videos of a youtubeur


YouTube censored for several hours the channel of a youtubeur who had posted a video of the game Red Dead Redemption 2, in which he beats a feminist to death. Since then, the channel has returned and the video has just been reported as "sensitive content".

YouTube suspended a video videographer channel for several hours due to several videos of Red Dead Redemption 2 in which his avatar beats a feminist feminine character. The suspension, which took place on 7 November, ended the following day. The videos in question are available again, with a simple warning: " This video may not be appropriate for some users. "

What happened to the suspension of 500,000 subscribers? Can provocative YouTube videos be considered as words of incitement to hate? Why does YouTube report anti-feminist but not racist videos? Here are the facts.

Screenshot of an anti-feminist video from Shirrako's YouTube channel

Thousands of anti-feminist comments

On 28 October 2018, youtubeur Shirrako (500,000 subscribers) publishes on its own channel dedicated to game a video called " give a blow to an annoying feminist. " We see the main protagonist of the game Red Dead Redemption 2 (published October 26) punches a feminist figure – a suffragan campaign for female suffrage. In a few days, the short video reaches one million views. Under this clip, the comments are raining: " I wish it would happen more in real life "" the weak should be afraid of the strong "" I enjoyed myself Many Internet users laugh at what they consider an exhilarating provocation.

Screenshot of Shirrako's video

Three days later, the youtubeur uses a video called " a boring feminist has touched an alligator. " The goal is always that Suffragetta. This time, Shirrako takes care of taking care of her virtual staging: she takes the time to put a hood, hits it, runs it, grabs it with a lasso, loads it on her horse, launches it in front of an alligator that devour, hit her again, then toss her a stick of dynamite.

Comments still abound: " This video gave me an orgasm "" feminism is a cancer "" I understand why they called "the good old days". These two videos have generated millions of views and thousands of anti-feminist comments, including some particularly violent dozens, not in relation to the game but with feminist women.

The channel has been restored with all videos

After a first article published by the American site motherboard (& # 39; RDR2 players love to attack and kill feminists in the game ") In addition to many user reports, YouTube replied.The Shirrako channel was completely suspended for a few hours on November 7, 2018. But after the outrage of other Internet users, completed by open criticism youtubeur has followed very well Daniel Keem (4.4 million subscribers), the platform has finally restored the Shirrako channel.

" We reevaluated the videos and decided that they should only have an age limit because they do not violate our community rules Ryan Wyatt, Head of Division, replied game from YouTube. Contacted by the motherboard, Shirrako explained that he received several warning emails from YouTube before the suspension, as requested by his 3 possibilities before cancellation ".

Other anti-feminist and racist videos released

Since then, the 6 videos of Shirrako presenting an attack on a feminist character are preceded by a warning from YouTube, which users can ignore in one click. Comments are still accessible. Many Internet users have come to publish anti-feminist messages from the announcement of the "censorship" of the youtubeur chain, to show their support.

Screenshot of Shirrako's video

Even more annoying for YouTube: Shirrako continues to publish many "provocative" videos, with deliberately shocking titles: " Deport a Mexican "" join the Ku Klux Klan "" beat a Chinese to death "" feed the pigs with a feminist These videos, which have racist titles, are not preceded by any YouTube warning.

Screenshot of Shirrako's YouTube channel

The answer from the absurd

Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) is an open-world video game that offers players great freedom: you can explore many places and interact with all the characters managed by the game, as some have not failed to underline the players, RDR2 allows you to fight, mistreat and kill all the characters, except the children.

Shirrako, as well as many of his supporters, are therefore behind two simplistic arguments. One, it would be "just a game". " Ask for what? For hitting a character in 3D? I did not even think it was possible to apologize for something like that ", TO commented Shirrako on Twitter, obviously impenetrable to criticism of the impact of his videos in the real world.

Since two years since Red Dead should type " anyone "(Man as a woman), attacking a specific character would not be harmful, but this response deviates from the initial criticism: it is not the game that is challenged here by YouTube and its detractors, but the videos themselves, that have been staged, edited and published specifically with an anti-feminist su – or, more recently, racist, the game is not in question – the player is.

YouTube does not always know which way to dance

The hate speech that these videos have provoked and fueled, especially in the comments, raises then a question about the role of YouTube in their moderation. Are these the calls to hate? (an act punishable by law) It would only be " inappropriate content for some users "In that case, why did not YouTube add these warning cards to the racist videos in the channel?

This new case shows how the video platform, a subsidiary of Google, is still struggling to adopt a clear position on crucial issues. The technology giant is sailing on sight, on the whim of the indignation of each of the two "camps", censoring some contents but not fully assuming the responsibility to regulate.

Meanwhile, Shirrako multiplies the videos with provocative titles, with the praise of his community.

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