Red-red-green does not want to be dependent on AfD votes


Much to talk about: Susanne Hennig-Wellsow, Left Group Leader, Matthias Hey, Chairman of the SPD parliamentary group and Bodo Ramelow (Left), Thuringia’s Prime Minister.
Picture: dpa

Two months after the state election in Thuringia, the Left Party reached a basic agreement on a minority government with the SPD and the Greens.

Rot-Rot-Grün in Thuringia, as a minority government, wants to forego legislative proposals in which the alliance of three relies on AfD votes. The left, SPD and Greens had agreed on Friday in negotiations for almost ten hours on their government program, said SPD chairman Wolfgang Tiefensee. In his view, the first meeting of red-red-green after the state election with the CDU and FDP this Monday was also about how the two opposition parties behaved with their proposals and initiatives for the AfD. The AfD with its parliamentary group leader Björn Höcke represents the second-strongest parliamentary group in the Thuringian state parliament after the left.

Red-Red-Green agreed among other things on an investment program for municipalities, more school social workers and a mobility guarantee for people in rural areas. Structural changes in the municipalities should continue to be voluntary and not prescribed by the state, said left-wing domestic politician Steffen Dittes. Despite disagreements about the protection of the constitution, the authority should remain in its previous form. The government program is scheduled to be finalized on January 15. Then the main focus should be on the division and layout of departments.

What is new is that each of the three parties can also submit their own applications to the state parliament after reaching agreement in the coalition, according to Tiefensee. This should make the profile of the smaller partners SPD and Greens, which lost votes in the state election, clearer.



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