Redevelopment of the eastern part of the ring: La Hulpe submits an unfavorable opinion

The municipal college of La Hulpe has studied the projects of the Flemish Region to modify mobility on and around the ring. These works envisaged by the Flemish Region concern in particular the redevelopment of the Léonard, Quatre-Bras, Groenendael and Jezus-Eik intersections. The commune of La Hulpe is more directly affected by the Groenendael crossroads and the Léonard crossroads.

On the eve of the end of the public inquiry, and after consultation with the Municipality of Hoeilaart, the Municipality of La Hulpe issued an unfavorable opinion on the project.

The remarks of the la hulpois college therefore concern the intersections of Groenendael and Léonard.

For the first, the college notes that, in the proposed plan, all traffic coming from La Hulpe is redirected, before the crossroads, in the direction of Hoeilaart and the number of traffic lanes is greatly reduced.

This proposal will not make traffic more fluid, on the contrary causing queues at Hoeilaart and La Hulpe. We therefore ask to keep the current number of traffic lanes; to maintain access from La Hulpe to avenue Dubois which cannot be closed; to keep the Bonne Odeur drève open; to carry out, before any proposal, an in-depth impact study on mobility; and think about a more fluid and secure proposal“, let the college know by press release.

The Flemish Region plans, at the Léonard crossroads, a left turn towards La Hulpe coming from the E 411. The removal of the Hermann Debroux viaduct is also included in the Flemish plan, even if it is a project Brussels.

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La hulpois college would like the two projects to be synchronized “to have a coherent vision and a global mobility solution”.

The Municipality of La Hulpe also recommends the development of free parking lots (car and bicycle) to allow the connection with the future tram-bus which will take the E 411.

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