Redskins statement on Alex Smith among growing concerns about his recovery


Three weeks after quarterback Alex Smith suffered a devastating leg injury during the Redskins' loss of Texans, his concern for the progress of his recovery grew, with the Redskins issuing a statement describing the injury as "serious" "and asking that" everyone please, respect the Smith family's privacy request at this time. "

On Wednesday and Thursday there were unconfirmed reports that Smith remained hospitalized and was fighting an infection related to surgery to repair his tibia and his fractured fibula.

One day after Smith suffered his injury, the Redskins coach, Jay Gruden, said the quarterback surgery went well and had to face a recovery time of six to eight months. Adam Schefter of ESPN later reported that Smith had suffered a spiral spiral fracture and faced a "long rehabilitation".

A compound fracture refers to a bone that stings the skin and has a higher risk of infection due to external debris that could enter the wound when the bone breaks the skin. The Redskins did not confirm that Smith suffered a compound fracture, repeating only that Smith suffered a fracture of the tibia and fibula. The team did not provide almost any additional information about the injury or Smith's recovery before issuing Thursday's statement.

"On behalf of Alex Smith, we appreciate all the concerns and prayers for the injury he suffered on November 18 against the Houston Texans," reads the statement. "Although this is a serious injury, Alex and his family remain strong, and we will ask everyone to honor the Smith family's privacy request at this time."

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