Sport Referee Clattenburg accepts error in Milan final and Atlético...

Referee Clattenburg accepts error in Milan final and Atlético reacts in networks

MADRID – Atlético de Madrid reacted to the statements of the English referee, Mark Clattenburgto Daily Mail. Clattenburg He confessed that he was wrong in the 2015-2016 UEFA Champions League final when he scored a goal that was not valid in favor of Real Madrid, which helped them take the game to penalties and crown themselves in Milan.

Through social networks, the Colchonero team resumed the statements of the European center, which had immediate effect throughout the world of soccer. “In that final, the Real Madrid He was 1-0 in the first half, but the goal was offside for very little. We found out at the break. It was a difficult action and my assistant failed, “he said. Clattenburg.

Given this, the Athletic He just put a smile of doubt with the photos of Spanish newspapers that picked up the note from the English newspaper. He even admitted that he did not indicate a penalty in favor of the Meringues. “Your first goal shouldn’t have gone up to the scoreboard. And it fell silent,” the Englishman told Pepe when he was knocked down by Fernando Torres In the area.

It is worth mentioning that Sergio Ramos He was the author of that goal when a rebound was found in the area. For the second half, the Colchoneros tied and after extra time without goals, the Real Madrid won on penalties 5-3.



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