Reforested plot of the Atlantic Forest shows encouraging results

Asunción, Paraguay, IP Agency.- A 40-hectare plot, located in the vicinity of the Tatí Yupí Natural Reserve, already presents an important advance in forest coverage.

It is part of the Itaipu Preserva project, promoted by the Binational Corporation, which seeks to strengthen the role of the biological corridor of more than 100,000 hectares of protected areas.

After six years of starting the interventions in this plot, where more than 60,000 native plants of the Upper Paraná Atlantic Forest (BAAPA) were introduced, it, previously invaded by exotic grass species, has been transformed into a young forest, path to its consolidation.

Engineer Jimmy Melgarejo, head of Itaipu’s Environmental Action Division, explained that the interventions at the site include soil preparation, planting and replacement of native forest and fruit seedlings.

Likewise, fertilization tasks, control of cutter ants, opening and maintenance of roads and firebreaks, and control of invasive grasses.

He also mentioned that the technical team of the Division under his charge constantly supervises these activities, as well as the monitoring and evaluation of the plots, in order to verify the progress and fulfillment of the project objectives.

“On the 40-hectare plot we now have trees about 5 meters high. We are achieving very encouraging results, taking into account the time since work began on the site ”, said the head of the Environmental Action Division.

Biological corridor

ITAIPU Preserva aims to recover existing degraded areas in the protection strip of the reservoir on the Right Bank of the Binational, in an area of ​​1,524 km, in order to extend the useful life of the hydroelectric project, as well as the strengthening of the corridor of biodiversity that connects the different conservation units of the Entity.

The Paraguayan margin of the Entity makes a great effort to conserve these areas of the Upper Paraná Atlantic forest without altering the landscape, thus seeking to make it a continuous biological corridor of 1,524 kilometers, which can be linked from the city of Hernandarias to Salto del Guairá.

The works have been carried out since 2015 on 210 plots, totaling an area of ​​2,161 hectares, covering nine districts between the departments of Alto Paraná and Canindeyú. The project is carried out in two modalities: reforestation of 1,752 hectares and management of regeneration and enrichment in 409 hectares.

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