Reggio Emilia, Juana killed by the ex for a photo on Instagram in which she was simply happy

A simple photo on Instagram in which Juana Cecilia Hazana Loayza showed herself happy, this triggered the murderous rampage of Mirko Genco, the killer of the woman.

A foto sui social in which he was simply happy with other friends, a simple photo on Instagram as if millions of them are published a day, this was enough to trigger the murderous rampage of Mirko Genco, the self-confessed murderer Juana Cecilia Hazana Loayza, the 34-year-old from Reggio Emilia reached e stabbed to death in a park of the Emilian town on Friday. That photo in fact prompted the man to immediately travel from Parma to reach her and then kill her, probably because he was unable to accept that she could be happy even without him. In fact, the woman had accepted an invitation to dinner with a group of friends and had enjoyed trying for a few hours to forget those bad moments she was experiencing precisely because of her ex. He had decided to capture the moment in a smiling photo before the 24-year-old arrived to interrupt everything.

According to what has been reconstructed, the man, already subjected to a precautionary measure for the crime of stalking, is arrived in the taxi and went to look for the victim forcing her to go to the deserted park, then on the way he attacked her, suffocating and stabbing her. Juana left the place around 2, then no one saw her again, at that moment probably the meeting with the killer who was waiting for her. The man then left her on the ground in a pool of blood for hours. The victim’s body was found only on Saturday morning when at about 9.30 a resident of the area discovered the presence of a defenseless body and alerted the police.

Juana was hit by various stab wounds including fatal ones that cut her throat. The investigations were immediately addressed to the 24-year-old his ex just for the previous complaints of the victim in his regards. Subsequent investigations confirmed the evidence and after the arrest the man confessed.

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