Rejecting Application, Naira Ashraf Killed in Front of University Entrance – Mahasiswi Mesir asal Gharbia Governate bernama Naira Ashraf killed by a man he knew through social media Facebook.

Naira was stabbed multiple times by Mohamed Adel just outside the entrance to Mansoura University, 68 miles north of the Egyptian capital, Cairo. The incident was caught on CCTV.

Residents who were passing by witnessed the terrible tragedy. In fact, more than 40 people became witnesses in the trial of the case.

The incident has shocked the Egyptian public as images of Naira’s bloodied body after she was stabbed spread widely on social media, despite calls to stop the circulation of the footage.

Some countries also highlight Naira Ashraf . murder case. In fact, a number of tweets on Twitter social media condemned the crime.

Some criticized those who seemed to justify the murder because Naira did not cover her private parts.

“Naira Ashraf was killed by a man whose proposal he rejected. Comments & support for the killer are pouring in because Naira is considered a “not a good woman” because she did not cover her nakedness during her life,” write account this.

“This young woman was stabbed and killed today by her classmate in front of her campus just because she refused! However, some people still justify her crime. She was beaten up in front of everyone, no one took any action. Justifying a crime is also a crime,” reveal account other.

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Reported from The Sun (24/6/2022), the perpetrator named Mohamed Adel launched his crime on Monday (20/6/2022) morning.

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At that time, Naira was getting off the bus she was riding in the entrance area of ​​Mansoura University, 68 miles north of the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

Seeing Naira down, Mohamed Adel immediately punched Naira in the head until she fell down. With alacrity, Mohamed Adel immediately jumped on top of Naira and stabbed him in the neck many times to death.

After killing Naira, Mohamed Adel tries to escape. However, he did not have time to do this because the crowd immediately caught and beat him.

Quoted from The New ArabEgypt’s Attorney General Hamada El-Sawy said that the perpetrator, who is also a student, had been detained pending an investigation.

The perpetrator was charged with premeditated murder of a female colleague.

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Naira’s murder motive

The local police said that they had known the motive for the murder carried out by Mohamed Adel on Neira.

The suspect, Mohamed Adel, said that his actions were motivated by the fact that he and Naira stopped communicating on Facebook. The suspect admitted that he had difficulty contacting Naira through his Facebook account after being blocked by Naira.

“He has known the student for a while and a romantic relationship has developed between them, but he started working as a model, became famous and has a large following on social media,” the local police said.

“He (Naira) ended up blocking the suitor on social media, who was allegedly suffering from ‘severe depression’ due to the end of the relationship.”

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In addition, Mohamed Adel also said that Naira had rejected his proposal when asked to marry.

The confession was confirmed by Naira’s family members. They said that Mohamed Adel had submitted the proposal several times.

Prior to plotting the assassination on Naira, Mohamed Adel had attempted suicide using the same knife to kill Naira.

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Reported to the police

Reported from Najum Masriathe family had reported the suspect for threatening to kill Naira more than once.

Even one of Naira’s friends said that the suspect had threatened to kill Naira before Naira refused his proposal.

The local Public Prosecutor confirmed that they are investigating the case and have secured evidence around the crime scene as well as studying CCTV cameras.

More than 40 witnesses have spoken before prosecutors, including security officer Ibrahim Al-Ajroudi who arrested the suspect after the stabbing incident.

Get the spotlight on human rights activists

This crime has received attention from human rights groups, such as Amnesty International to Human Rights Watch.

They said that this incident set a bad record for the government for failing to protect women.

“Egyptian authorities carried out an extensive campaign of arrests and prosecutions of women social media influencers, violating their rights to privacy, freedom of expression and non-discrimination,” tulis Human Rights Watch.

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