Relationship between vaccine manufacturer AstraZeneca and Europe under high tension: what’s going on?

What does the contract between the European Union and AstraZeneca say about the supply of corona vaccines? Last week, the company announced that it will deliver significantly fewer doses than agreed. The day before yesterday, the AstraZeneca summit already met twice with the European Commission and Member States, but the company was unable to provide a clear answer to all questions, according to Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides. Kyriakides expressed her dissatisfaction with this in a hefty statement.

Yesterday, AstraZeneca’s CEO Pascal Soriot asked in a number of interviews to show some more understanding for the reduced number of doses. “This is not a contractual relationship we have entered into with Europe,” he told the Italian newspaper “La Reppublica”. “We have said we will do our best, but with no guarantee of success.”

The discussion includes the AstraZeneca production sites and the countries where those vaccines are shipped. According to Soriot, the purchase agreement with the European Commission states that the sites in the United Kingdom can also be used for deliveries to the EU, “but only later”. He also points out that the contract with the EU was signed three months later than the one with the United Kingdom.

According to Soriot, the delays are related to subcontractors who are less likely to master the production process than anticipated.

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