Relatives surviving mourning disappointed Meghan Markle: no word of consolation after death of loved one

The woman is currently in mourning – her husband, the Duchess’s uncle, has recently died. Unfortunately, Mr. Markle not only did not show up at the funeral, but did not give words of comfort to the family.

Joseph JJ Johnson, who once called his daughter “magical” to the media, died on August 27 when her heart stopped. The man was 72 years old.

“We have not received a single word of consolation from Meghan.

I’m sure she knows about Uncle’s death because her mom Doria knows. And she really told her. It just can’t be that she doesn’t know.

“Some of our family members are experiencing that she has not yet contacted us,” said Widow Pam.

She also revealed that before her death, the man was hoping for reconciliation with all his relatives. So, she still hopes Meghan will call.

Aunt’s story came out just three days after Meghan’s appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

In an hour-long interview, she promoted The Bench, a book about her husband Prince Harry’s relationship with his son Archie.

Meghan Markle

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The actress also had to do comic tasks here, such as going to the store to sip milk from a baby drinker.

“I understand that Meghan’s status as a nobleman gives her the power to act. But it still hurts us, ”her aunt opened.

When Meghan was little, Joseph was supposed to spend a lot of time with her. His mother, Jeanette, who is Meghan’s grandmother, helped raise her while her mother, Doria, was working.

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