Relax for the King's speech / The goal of King Emeritus


Specters for the king's speech

"I'm sorry to think that the 3-O speech was done by the king and not by Rajoy." The phrase by Miquel Roca, one of the parents of the Constitution, is highly revealing. In fact, in the interview with the ARA on Thursday 40, Esther Vera tells him more about the lawyer of the king's sister. As an interpreter of the monarchy, Roca believes that today Felipe VI would not have made that speech again. In due time In fact, now that the new Andalusian reality has forced us to discover the causes of the birth and growth of Vox, perhaps we must also take into account that speech of the king. Admit that international fashion, in the United States of Trump or in the middle of supposedly civilized Europe, brings these xenophobic, sexist and retrograde winds. We also agree that it is a movement that grows – like it or not – as a balance that compensates for the independence that puts Spain's risk at risk. I agree that Casado and Rivera have helped to prove, once again, the pride and the need to get involved with the flag and to put "what lives in Spain" on all the speakers. (I am happy for the heirs of Manolo Escobar and his copyright.) I accept that Aznar included, in his PP, all the branches of the right and now the space has fractured with different variations on the theme. But, writing from the writer, even the speech that the king has read from the "teleprompter" of the Zarzuela must be considered an interesting factor when it comes to excite the rarity and the most just fear I hate those who do not feel Spanish. In those six minutes of shame, Felip has marked the Constitution and democracy to give air to the police of "A por ellos", judiciary, media and popular that came to his shoulders. It is not a secondary fact.

Spain wanted to celebrate the four decades of the Constitution with all the same and all the others. To provide and read and celebrate as much as you want. It was a useful tool But as you would say to Joan Capri, after forty years, we can already take mourning.

The goal of the king emeritus

On Tuesday, the king emeritus was with a group of Catalan businessmen. In a moment of meeting, he called the death of Núñez at the age of 87. He emphasized the age. Joan Carles, who has already done 80 years, made a comment as if she were to start putting her wet beards. This sentence – a joke of "campetxana" that has already been seen on the take-off ramp – reminded me of an anecdote that I heard commenting on the former president of Barça. When Iñaki Urdangarin was a member of the handball club and had started with little Cristina, the king had gone to play at the Palau Blaugrana. While the player's companion sat in the stands, the king presided over the party in the box. When there was already a date for the club, coach Valero Rivera believed that the player had won a contract renewal. The president accepted and made an offer to the player. In the midst of discrete negotiations, Joan Carles went to see a game at Palau. In a moment of the first part and as the person who does not want the thing, the king told the president of Barça: "Let's see if you fix the boy". In Núñez he understood the message but went to his own. The offer for Urdangarin went up where they had remained with the coach not to break the wage scale of the locker room. Urdangarin, before marriage, signed the contract. The return match Núñez played in another building … that of Pedralbes. On the day of the wedding, in that child made with the royal family, the president of Barça has put his hand with the monarch. The king tightened and, in his ear, that day, said, "You are short". Patapam.

The king was in all. And to everyone. There was nothing wrong with him. Yesterday, the united left has filed a lawsuit against the emeritus. They accuse him of thirteen crimes. Corruption, fraud, traffic of influence, establishment of a criminal group … You know if they were also short.

Xavier Bosch is a journalist


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