Release of losses for iPhone 11 for 2019 and 2020


The future of the iPhone is evolving, with forecasts of some features that appear while others vanish. According to a report published today, we will not see 5G in an iPhone in 2019, but we will see this feature in 2020. This means another year of waiting – maybe. It could also be that 5G changes the game for every smartphone anywhere.

There are many rumors going around this week, but we'll start with a set of MacRumors and proceed backwards. Apparently the 2020 iPhone collection will have 5G support and relatively important updates for the front and back of the phone. Front: a full-screen fingerprint sensor. On the back: a new camera with 3D sensor.

But wait, you might say, I followed the leaks closely and was led to believe that there was a 3D sensor on the back of the iPhone 2019 line. It could also be – but from year to year we might see a 3D sensor that can make a little attention to a 3D sensor that can do a lot. How far it will go – I don't know yet.

The front of the iPhone 2020 collection was equipped with a full-screen Touch ID system. This means that the fingerprint is accessible anywhere on the display panel with "acoustic fingerprint technology". As if you could hear your thumb from a mile away, right?

C & # 39; is a potential 2020 iPhone SE 2 coming soon (obviously next year), but there is some doubt about the legitimacy of this item. It could be that Apple is simply considering this device and has not yet committed itself to ordering the parts in bulk. Apple, meanwhile, still seems committed to using OLED ONLY in its iPhones starting in 2020.

It is said that the iPhone XR with the most conservative price for 2019 has an extra GB of RAM, so 4 GB instead of 3 GB. Otherwise it will be extremely similar to its predecessor. Although no iPhone from this point forward will have a 3D touch, apparently. This is a feature that goes almost entirely in favor of Haptic Touch – so they say.

Much like last year, production is very likely to go up in July and August and we will probably see an event at Apple's headquarters in September 2019. This means either a late September or early October date for Apple ; iPhone 11 (or iPhone XI, as you would like to call it at this early stage).


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