Released prisoners: the opposition denounces that society is at risk and warned of “an epidemic of crimes”

Patricia Bullrich was one of the most critical for the decision to release prisoners Source: LA NACION – Credit: Enrique Villegas


release of prisoners

defined within the framework of prevention measures

coronavirus generated multiple rejections in the opposing arch,

who pointed against the Casa Rosada and the Buenos Aires government, holding them responsible for

generate harm to the security of society in general and the rights of victims in particular.

“The pressure on judges to release the detainees en masse is not admissible, nor are the recommendations admissible, since they express a legal paternalism that

trivializes the principle of independence and therefore offends the Constitution “,

Pro noted in a statement signed by

Patricia Bullrich,

Jorge Macri, Federico Angellini, Laura Rodríguez Machado, Eduardo Macchiavelli and Omar de Marchi. The party also raised a contradiction with the position of the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, who had said that they were going to persecute judges who did not comply with the Victims Law.

“This that started

Cristina Kirchner

and that the President reaffirms today is a path towards impunity, which leaves people in their homes and dangerous prisoners in freedom unprotected. What it does is disguise the guarantee story, “Bullrich added on Twitter.

For its part, the UCR warned of an impending

“crime epidemic”

in a statement: “The framework of the pandemic has served the government as an ideal excuse to advance against the division of powers.”

“Today we are victims of a terrible pandemic, of an invisible enemy as the President says. We hope that

Alberto Fernández

do not allow us to have a new epidemic of crimes that prevent citizens from leaving their homes well, “concludes the statement, which bears the signatures of Alfredo Cornejo, Mario Negri and Luis Naidenoff.

For its part, the Buenos Aires deputies bloc of Together for Change asked Governor Axel Kicillof to prepare a report on the prisoners in the Buenos Aires prison system and requested the presence of the Minister of Justice,

Julio Alak,

in the lower house.

“Aggravated robbery, sexual abuse, fraud, extortion, illegitimate deprivation of liberty, sale of drugs … are just some of the reasons why more than 20 prisoners who returned to San Miguel these days were detained,” he said in his statement. the mayor of that party, Jaime Méndez. Noting that prisoners deserve to be protected from the coronavirus, he added: “The judges who make those decisions and those who promote this type of policy, at a minimum, are disrespecting the vast majority of honest neighbors who want and deserve to live in peace. Especially to the victims of those same crimes and their families. ”



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