Reliable source claims Touch ID could return to iPhone under the screen

When Apple introduced the new range of iPhone 12 on October 13 and after seeing it as the new 8th generation iPad had included a fingerprint sensor in the power buttonSome users expected that this new generation would offer that security option again, at least together with Face ID.

However, it was not. Many of us, if not all of us who use Face ID to unlock access to our iPhone, are a bit tired of having to enter the PIN code when wearing a mask, since Face ID security prevents unlocking of the terminal. The simplest solution to re-implement Touch ID.

A possibility that could be a reality according to the Twitter account L0vetodream. L0vetodream has built an excellent reputation in recent months for its high accuracy rate in all the predictions it has made. Quite the opposite happens with Jon Prosser, whose hit rate is quite low.

The latest prediction he made, related to the models and features of both the iPhone 12 range and the HomePod mini they were fulfilled in their entirety. In the last tweet he posted, we can read:

MESA is the code name that Apple used internally to name the Touch ID Y uts is the abbreviation in English for under the screen. It’s not the first time Apple’s plans to re-implement Touch ID have been mentioned, this time under the screen.

Last year, Bloomberg, through Mark Gurman, claimed that Apple I was working to implement both Touch ID and Face ID on the iPhone to be released in 2021. In recent months, Face ID has become a problem for all iPhone users, due to the use of skins. It is likely that Apple had in mind to return the Touch ID to the iPhone but that due to the pandemic it has been forced to advance its plans.

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