Business Relief Therapeutics Crash | Company health

Relief Therapeutics Crash | Company health

First steeply up, now steeply down again: the course of Relief Therapeutics (RLF 0.367 -47.57%) has shown significant fluctuations in the past few days. On Tuesday, the announcement of the Swiss Exchange SIX about the sale of 2 million shares by an executive member of the board of directors or management led to a fall of almost half to 35 cents.

According to the most recent advance, the stocks sold were worth around CHF 1 million on the day of sale (August 7). According to Relief board member Tomaz Burckhardt, the seller is Yves Sagot. The co-founder and longtime scientific director sold some of his shares for private reasons. According to the annual report for 2019, he previously owned almost 176 million shares, which corresponds to around 10% of the total capital.

Sagot had received relatively small amounts of remuneration in recent years, in 2019 it was 50,000 CHF. Based on the last share high, he would pay tax on assets of around 150 million CHF this year. For that reason alone, he will probably have to sell more shares.

Relief Therapeutics’ share price exploded last week. Last Tuesday, the company reported good initial results from trials of its anti-inflammatory drug Aviptadil. On Friday morning the papers cost 80 Rp. Before they came back a little. On the Monday before that, the price was a little more than 3 cents.

Of the Driver for this meteoric rise is called Aviptadil. It is a vasointestinal peptide, a relatively short chain of amino acids. The remedy can influence processes of the immune system, but is also used for erectile dysfunction, among other things. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, Relief has tried its product on corona patients.

First data on the use of reliefs Aviptadil look very promising. Accordingly, seventeen out of twenty seriously ill corona patients survived. This is all the more astonishing as it is the patients who received the drug under the “compassionate use program”. That is, they were too sick to take part in a regular study. However, caution should be exercised with such initial data with only a few patients. It is not certain whether Aviptadil actually offers an advantage. Results from a regular Phase II / III study on the drug are expected soon. However, it also only includes around eighty patients.

At the beginning of the year, the stocks were still regularly traded for 0.1 cents. This year’s price increase is a staggering 60,000%. The trading volume has multiplied in the last few days. On a few days, more than 300 million shares switched hands, around ten times more than on most days before. The company is now valued at over CHF 750 million on the SIX. The extreme price reaction to the sale by Sagot shows how volatile the securities are and that trust in the company cannot be too great.



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