On the evening program, the legendary test of the War of restaurants, equivalent to the orientation of Koh-Lanta coupled with a semi-final of the World Cup. Just that.

11:33 p.m .: Dear readers, thank you all, very nice collective participation this evening, nice emulsion in the comments, it’s nice. We said goodbye to one of the most beautiful candidates, darling of many around here, including me, but that’s life!

Top Chef does not forgive. GO, TCHUSS THE JOJOS!

11.31 p.m .: Next week, we will have the right to visit families, as well as the superb test of the pitivier by Hélène Darroze. Amazing dish, where you have to make a heat sink on top, and everything. You can not check the cooking before cutting, thriller test.

The second test will be in the best restaurant in the world in 2019, just that, for a test on seafood. And the last Last Chance of the season! Pfiou, what a program!

11:30 p.m .: Damn, hi artist. Real good guy, real ideas, real boils, real risks, real cook. But he will finish speaking Mandarin in the kitchens of Chef Pairet le bonhomme, we don’t worry.

11:29 p.m .: OOOOOOH IT GOES FOR DIEGO !!!!


11:27 p.m. @Omar Listening

Romain Tischenko is Greece with the euro. All the chefs had given it a loser in tasting on the final. The guy was driving crazy, zero charisma while Pierre was great all season.

So damn. He just won because he was the first to make a dessert with nitrogen, the public had fallen into the trap like Aytekin on a simulation of Suarez.

11:26 p.m. I don’t even know why we test corn, when we will never do better than these ears.

11:20 p.m .: Time to take stock! The first crush is for Davidus and his return from Gignac. And the second … for Martin’s KFC! stay Mory and Diego, it’s going to be tight …

A prediction the loustics? You have the ad to think about it.

11:18 p.m .: Martin just made a KFC set, actually.

11:17 p.m .: Well, it’s clearly not madness, what. It is balanced but not crazy.

Mory therefore cooked Clément Chantôme.

11.15 p.m .: And here it is, he has his chili chef Etchebest. The thing just snatches the mouth, it’s completely too offensive, it looks like an Eleven holder of Zdeněk Zeman.

11:14 p.m .: And we start with the fajitas of David. A little too sweet for chef Etchebest and Paul Pairet, while chefs Sarran and Hélène Darroze eat each other.

11:12 p.m .: Is Mory going to be the last Chance again? I have the impression to see Portugal in 2016, it will end up winning by making only dummies, the con.

For the old timers, you will remember the winner of the S1, Romain Tischenko, who won against Pierre when he had done ALL the Last Chances.

10:11 p.m .: Mory is Sylvain Wiltord, he’s a serial braiser.

10:09 p.m .: @Omar Listening

@Theo black garlic is becoming the espelette chili of the season

And the chips is the new cromesquis . There is not ONE episode in a potato chip.

10:08 p.m .: There is ONLY in Top Chef that the guys cook something in the bain-marie, then in the pan, then in the oven, then in the fryer … While we just eat with plastic cutlery to minimize the quantity of dishes.

11:05 p.m .: The transitions of the sequences between candidates are incredible, however. A small collective cry, the camera moving away, wide shot, Diego taking up the ball at the rebound and then explaining his dish to us …

I have the impression that there is Xavi at the real ‘.

11:04 p.m .: David doing an ope-sponso for Old el paso , so.

11:03 p.m .: Martin who tries a tempura that he never tried, that it is couillu …

Beware of tactical experiments, we have known some that ended badly. Hi Lolo.

11:01 p.m .: And let’s go for a last chance devoted to corn between Martin, Mory, Diego and David!

I’m very afraid of Hitman’s complete crack for his first last Chance, when he flew over the whole competition.

22.59: Oh the highlight. The speech of coach Etchebest. What moment. ” It’s not your last chance, maybe it’s your new chance.He says.

MUSCLE YOUR MARTIN GAME! If you don’t muscle your game … be careful.


Well seen @Omar Listening, terrible snub for Fabien Barthez.

22.54: Meanwhile, Mory swings the unknown ingredients with a shovel to hide that he has put bits of dead leaves under his red fruits. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE FAIL !!!

Bis repetita: we can speak of a full-fault, right? In memory of viewers, I have rarely seen this.

10.53 p.m .: Martin he pushed the gamepost-apocalytic by serving raw meat anyway. We can emphasize the consistency of the theme.

10.51 p.m .: Oh the uncooked duck !!!! NO ONE CAN EAT, MARTIN HAS FULLY CHOKED !!!

IT’S A FAIL AB-SO-LU. FRG it sends missiles from everywhere, it looks like Félix Magath.

10:50 p.m .:By cons Anthony Reveillère in right wing, it’s pretty baroque.

10:49 p.m .: OUCH! Big fail of Mory in the service, it makes everyone hang around.

They took twenty minutes of additional time without asking the customers anything, it will hurt.

10:48 p.m .: @Hidan

Adrien’s violence: you still have a 3 star who licks his plate like a vulgar rest of flamby

Unbelievable. This season’s GOAT.

10:46 p.m .: And go hop, direction La Meinau for the second match of the evening.

10:44 p.m .: Damn, what a success for dessert! Chef Sarran would serve it well in his restaurant, Paul Pairet licks his plate, FRG is “delighted with this experience“…

We can speak of a flawless, right? In memory of viewers, I have rarely seen this.

10:43 p.m .: Hélène Darroze enjoys butter sole. But we all know that it lacks wine for chef Jacques Maximin.



10:41 p.m .: By cons why they all donned berets ??? We are not in fucking Peaky Blinder.

10:39 p.m .: It finally happened for the puffed apples once Boo let go of the controllers. And success at the rendezvous for the eel that accompanies it.

10:38 p.m .: Wait, are we in a gourmet restaurant or at the Cité des Sciences?

10:37 p.m .: The chefs enter the chip shop to enjoy their dinner. By the way, I always wondered how they could devour a double meal in the evening.

But that surely explains the hamster cheeks of Jean-François Piège.

10:35 p.m .: Mallory when we tell him good news:

10:33 p.m .: And the loser is … THE HAHA ART GALLERY !!

And yes, it emerges for the can show and David, Diego and Justine !!! Bim the pedants.

10:32 p.m .: @ bévue_absolument_incroyable_de_jerzy_dudek

For me a food critic who is not a cook, it’s like Pierre Ménès who criticizes Messi, it has no value.

Oh no, not this comparison please, a little respect for François … We can also launch the debate on film critics, note.

10:31 p.m .: As for the chip shop, the idea “slap” It smells good for them too, no one is dumped, the choice will be complicated …

10:28 p.m .: Appointment made in front of the gorilla for FRG. He is intrigued by the “post-apocalyptic parsleyWhich is normal. As for ecological aspiration, we can say that Mory gave in the recycling of dead leaves.

10:27 p.m .: Mister is rather seduced by the art gallery of David and Diego, but finds “a little pretentious»The desire to compare dishes to works of art. In short: cheeky, but maybe a little too bumpy.

10:26 p.m .: OH THE APPEARANCE OF FRANÇOIS RÉGIS-GAUDRY! We’ll see what he thinks of all this.

b> 10:25 pm: “Tonight they’ll have fucking puffed apples– Adrien, 2020.

10:22 p.m .: I have very little as of the moment when Hélène Darroze, overwhelmed by her appetite, will try to catch with the tongue of the chips suspended by Mallory.

10:21 p.m .: Wait, is Gianmarco going to make the puffed apples? You can’t give Sylvain Armand the keys to the game and come and complain behind …

10:19 p.m .: To realize the absurdity of seeing Mallory screw crates to the wall, imagine for a second that Valérie Damidot is opening a crêperie.

10:17 p.m .: Okay, Adrien and Mallory’s menu in their chip shop: lacquered eel as a starter, with puffed apples. Ooh the technical touch! It may well pay for FRG however, which will be attempted. The dish ? A sole “skinheadWith fries and stuff next to it.

And then the dessert, a tube of phyllo dough filled with potato. Personally I go a hundred times.

10:14 p.m .: David sells the show to chefs Sarran and Darroze while Diego still didn’t agree, it’s terrible. Real real disagreement between the two.

10:12 p.m .: It’s mythical. David is upset because Diego has nothing to do with his decor, he is on his thighs. And now it’s fighting for onions, alala …

10:11 p.m .: The balance with which David is spoiling his restaurant is fascinating.


10:10 p.m .: Dish cans and citrus for dessert. But beware of bitterness, warns chef Darroze! It’s food critics, huh, it’s not Tonton Fred’s palet who comes to dinner.

10:08 p.m .: Diego: “Justine is a superb uh … COOKER. With her it will match.

Calm down. We all see you.

10:05 p.m .: Paul Pairet he wants wild “and a”bone in the middle of the plate” I haven’t seen such a crude guy since Kombouaré, he would make a great Dijon coach.

10:04 p.m .: AH, THE CHEFS COME TO GIVE THEIR OPINION! Paul Pairet and Philippe Etchebest tackle the decoration which, it must be said, looks more like the entrance to a squat than that of a restaurant.

10:03 p.m .: In three minutes Mory he brings the trash cans back to the kitchen to cook banana peels.

9:02 p.m .: @Said

Hmmm. Objectively disgusting patatery

Perfectly agree, horrible sign.

22h00: Martin and Mory start out on a big anything. I dropped the title to “Tiger lick” The dish: duck with bacon of colonnata, stuffed porcini head. Dessert: black fruit, hibiscus emulsion and … forest stuff, what. You understood.

9:58 p.m .: Gratien, Justine and Gianmarco will come and help the candidates and … WAIT WHAT ??

Mory is in the forest to collect leaves from the ground ??? Incredible movement. UNBELIEVABLE. He’s going to bring in the neighbor’s dog shit as a bonus.

9:56 p.m .: No but Mory is he serious? He brought back two and a half plants to make his jungle. It looks like Villas-Boas when he arrived at OM and ends up with Caleta-Car.

9:54 p.m .: Tell yourself that what is going on there, David who brings back giant sofa lips without warning Diego, is a very beautiful metaphor for what was going on between Patrick Kluivert and Thomas Tuchel.

9:51 p.m .: @Omar Listening

Every year I wait for someone to come and say“What if we just made an elegant restaurant?”Damn, every year the guys go totally crazy with stuffed deer, chicken coops, a Norman bocage theme, an urban jungles …

A reflection that also works for the clothing style of Djibril Cisse.

9.47 p.m .: (We meet just after the pangolins ad).

9.46 p.m .: Mallory when he exposes his restaurant project to the IKEA saleswoman:

9.45 p.m .: I have rarely heard the word “potato” so often in such a short time.

9.44 p.m .:Our guiding thread is going to be the potato“, Mess. Which sentence.

I seem to hear Guardiola say, “My common thread is going to be Cédric Barbosa

9:43 p.m .: Mallory he wants to put potatoes all over the walls. ALL OVER.

9:42 p.m .:I KNOW I KNOW ME” HE SAID.


9:40 p.m .: We leave the duo with their gorilla, we go to Adrien and Mallory who, in thirty seconds, managed to unite their sick brains to evoke a gourmet chip shop.

9:38 p.m .: Basically, Mory’s technique is to buy twenty pots of ivy from Truffaut. AND MARTIN BUYS A HUGE GORILLA IN AN ART GALLERY, HAHA! That’s good.

9:37 p.m .: Their restaurant will therefore be called “Hunter gathering” thanks to Google translater. Not sure it pleases FRG, that …

9:36 p.m .: Martin when he talks about something “really brutalWith his shaved head and wide open eyes he scares everyone.

Hitman, there.

9:35 p.m .: Very good question of @ brother tuck

I always wondered where these restaurants came from. Guys who have shut down? Guys who want to sell / who are in the process of being sold. Because overall, in addition to getting down on TV, their restaurants are still high at the end.

The guy who will end up with an urban jungle and lianas in his restaurant he will hang around.

9:34 p.m .: AH, we go to Martin and Mory. The first wants something chic, the second wants to plant axes and redo the decor of Uncharted.

9:32 p.m .: Oh my God. Diego decides to buy a painting to paint HIMSELF. He’s going to end up with the Untouchables thing, we’re not going to understand anything.

9:30 p.m .: David and Diego’s restaurant is a mix of street and gallery, so it will be very originally called “Food Galerie”.

It is as if Thiago Motta was called “Control Discount”.

9:29 p.m .: What a joy the decor discussions, damn. There David proposes to “crack the codes with something completely delusional“: Street-art. And a guy who’s going to blow the fire. I die.

9:27 p.m .: Diego, for those who don’t know him, it’s Benjamin Bourigeaud. His goal in life is to put mine in the evening and burst circles of sauce on his plates.

9:26 p.m .: @ChriisB

Hello friends !! I’m in white wine, I’m waiting for my “French” pizzas (oriental, kebab), the Italian delivery man (pizza speck, truffles) having decided to keep them. I’m crying

Haha, this is terrible. Not sure that FRG enters your restaurant, you.

9:23 p.m .: A lot of intoxication in this first part. But those are the choices.
Lebanese restaurant: Diego and David
Italian restaurant: Mory and Martin
Portuguese restaurant: Mallory and Adrien


9:22 p.m .: Aaaah, the Italian restaurant “it’s good, it’s clean, it’s neat.It looks like he’s talking about defending Juve.

9:20 p.m .:It’s fuschiaSays Diego. Fortunately, we do not choose our soccer clubs in the color of the jersey, otherwise Metz would play every weekend in an empty stadium.

9:19 p.m .: Yes, but will one of them dare to make a ratatouille?

9:16 p.m .: First Portuguese-inspired restaurant, which Martin describes as: “a slightly tired entrance to the hammam.

Adrien and Mallory want to do “something mystical inside” Maboules.

9:15 p.m .: Oh the brigades are mixed !!! Adrien and Mallory are together, Martin and Mory too, then Diego and David.

Martin-Mory can CLEARLY go into a spin.

9:13 p.m .: It is therefore the immense François Régis-Gaudry who will decide which establishments will open. Because yes: the guys are bleeding to decorate, buy chairs, tables, blow apples, think about a menu, and the least “tempting” restaurant according to François will not even open its doors. Terrible, we tell you.

9:10 p.m .: @J_Vous_Lavezzi

It’s crazy to switch from a Ldc live to that of top chef. Do you live well? Personally, it won’t make me watch or buy a TV, but I admire the courage to stick to it. Good evening to all, who follow this live! By chance, I have a question, is Paga on a stool next to the star chefs?

Oh listen, that’s better thanNumbers and letters. On the other hand, I fear very much that the only Paga which passes at present on TV it is on W9. Kisses my boy!

9:07 p.m .: Olala, we all saw Justine’s head pointing there. ALERT.


9:00 p.m .: On the other hand, let’s be clear: the kitchen tonight, we are beating them. We want to see Mallory bring back a pig in cast iron “because it will be our centerpiece for the ambiance“And Martin choking.

8:59 p.m .: Do I really need to draw a picture for you to understand what’s going to happen tonight? The fans of Burger Quiz, there, I see you. If there are THREE evenings to watch Top Chef, it’s Who can beat Philippe Etchebest, the Black Box and, in first place, the Restaurant War.

Why ? Because we see young kids running around at Ikea to buy vintage furniture or bikes, and try to put together a decoration of inspiration “Survivalist»In 48 hours. Fantastic.

8:55 p.m .: We arrive at this famous moment of the evening when you are not yet there and where I am alone to commentScenes of households.

8.50pm: Say, do you know what a dwarf does when she wants to relax?

Ben she sinks a sink.


By Théo Denmat


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