Remembering the contribution of Fico García to Peruvian cinema

“Fico was not only a filmmaker, he was a novelist, a writer committed to indigenous issues, with the mountains of Peru, having an active career in the field, being very representative during the 70s and 80s,” recalled the renowned filmmaker Pancho Adrianzén about the remembered Federico (Fico) García.

In “Encuentros en la radio” he also highlighted that Fico was a very valuable Quechua speaker, born in Cusco and that he left in his films a valuable sense of recognition of the Peruvian highlands, he always did beautiful documentary works, showing in his works peasant themes and themes historical, being his constant concern Peru.

“The theme of his films was always linked to Peru and the peasant movement,” Adrianzén pointed out while highlighting his great talent and courage.

In that sense, he said that his films exceeded one million viewers. “The success of films like Túpac Amaru is due to the historical vision, where Fico does it very well and clearly shows the confrontation with the Spanish crown, claiming the need for our independence.”

In Nacional, Pancho Adrianzén considered the need for our country to have a film law and a national cinematheque so that over time Peruvian films are not lost and continue to be disseminated to new generations.

“It is a shame that the films of Fico and many other filmmakers do not have a place to deposit them, because films such as Túpac Amaru’s, for example, should be declared as Audiovisual Heritage of the Nation, unfortunately there is no law for this and meanwhile the filmmakers are dying and with them the films are lost and disappear for future generations ”, he lamented.


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