Remind about DHF, Tegal Regent Uses Wayang Santri

BOJONG, radartegalonline– The Regent of Tegal uses wayang santri to remind about Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) which is currently increasing. This took place during the Socialization of Dengue Prevention with Clean and Healthy Behavior, Friday 17 March 2023 evening.

In the activity that took place in the Field of Tuwel Village, Bojong District, Tegal Regency, Regent of Tegal Umi Azizah asked the public to be vigilant. Especially during the rainy season, the number of dengue cases tends to increase.

“Tegal Regency is one of the endemic areas with high cases of dengue virus infection. From January to May 2022, the Tegal District Health Office recorded 714 cases of dengue,” said Umi.

According to Umi, dengue cases are increasing. Based on data from the Ministry of Health for 2022, the number of dengue cases in Indonesia has reached 131,265 with a death rate of 1,135.

From these data, 40 percent of cases and 73 percent of deaths occur in children aged 0-14 years.

The santri puppet show related to DHF collaborated with puppeteer Ki Haryo Enthus Susmono. Not only that, several guest stars also attended. They include soap operas, motorcycle taxi drivers, Pengkolan Jono and Bagong and Gareng.

According to Umi, this wayang santri performance is an effort to entertain the public as well as introduce traditional arts which are local wisdom. He hopes that this traditional art performance will foster understanding and awareness of the whole community on the importance of healthy living behavior.

Every year, the number of people who are sick continues to increase and it is very concerning. Degenerative diseases dominate his illness. This is due to the lifestyle of today’s society.

The Regent of Tegal uses wayang santri because he hopes that by socializing with Ki Haryo, the community will be willing to practice it.

Doorprizes and Shopping Coupons

Head of Tuwel Village Saiful Muslimin stated that his people were enthusiastic about watching the santri puppets that night. In addition to entertainment, they also provide education on dengue prevention.

“Even happier, tens of residents got door prizes in the form of shopping coupons and other attractive prizes,” he said.

In the same place, the Director General of IKP of the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information, Usman Kansong, who attended the event, said that DHF cases occurred due to people’s behavior that paid little attention to environmental hygiene.

In addition, to prevent the spread of dengue outbreaks, namely by doing 3M as an effort to eradicate mosquito nests.

“Through this shadow puppet show in Tegal Regency, it is hoped that messages that are educational, empowering and enlightening can be conveyed to the public in a relaxed and fun way. Thus, it can be more easily accepted, especially for residents of Tegal Regency,” he said. ***

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