Removed Premium and Pertalite, This Said Pertamina’s Boss: Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero) Nicke Widyawati explained that Pertamina is reviewing the use of low octane (RON) fuel below 91 which is not environmentally friendly.

As is known, the types of Pertamina fuel with low RON content are premium (RON 88) and pertalite (RON 90). Meanwhile, fuel sales with RON above 91 are Pertamax (RON 92) and Pertamax turbo (RON 98).

In addition, there is a Regulation of the Minister of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) Number 20 of 2017 which requires the use of BBM to be above RON 91.

“This means that there are two products that cannot be managed and sold in the market, namely premium and pertalite. However, we will conduct an assessment because the premium and pertalite consumers are the largest,” said Nicke at the DPR Building, Jakarta, Monday (31/8 / 2020).

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According to Nicke, there are still seven countries in the world that still use premium fuel, including Indonesia. The seven countries are Colombia, Egypt, Mongolia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

In ASEAN, Indonesia is lagging behind other countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Myanmar which are no longer using low RON fuel.

In addition, the plan to eliminate BBM with RON below 91 is also because Indonesia is the country that sells the most fuel variants, namely 6 variants consisting of Solar, Premium, Pertalite, Pertamax, Pertamax Turbo, and Dexlite.

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Compared to other countries, on average, it only sells 2 to 3 product variants. Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia sell two variants. Then India and Myanmar each with 3 variants. Meanwhile, China and the Philippines have 4 variants.

“Therefore, it is necessary to immediately encourage how consumers are able to switch to environmentally friendly fuels,” explained Nicke.

Previously, Member of Commission VII DPR RI from the Gerindra Faction, Mulan Jameela, questioned Pertamina’s plans to review the elimination of premium and pertalite fuel oil (BBM) products.

Mulan proposed to Pertamina to conduct a study to reduce the Pertamax price to the equivalent of the Premium price.

“Just for my input, if Premium and Pertalite are really removed, is it possible that Pertamax prices can be lowered, maybe it will be the same as premium? Maybe this could be a solution,” he said.

Mulan also questioned the extent to which Pertamina had carried out a deeper and broader study of the community regarding the plan to remove premium and pertalite. The reason is that the elimination of this type of fuel will not be good for the community.

“We want to ask to what extent Pertamina has carried out an in-depth study regarding the plan to remove premium and pertalite. Given that we now know that all are currently undergoing the Covid-19 pandemic exam, if these premiums and pertalite are removed, it will certainly have a bad impact on society,” he said. .

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