Renaud: supervised 24 hours a day by 2 assistants without whom "he would have died"


Two years of media silence and, finally, an interview with the newspaper The ParisianThis Sunday, July 14, 2019. The singer Renaud takes stock of his current life, between the preparation of a new album and physical fitness after health problems. To help him, he can count on two assistants.

The 67-year-old singer then revealed Parisian that for four years now, is watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by two men: Pierre, 37 and Bloodi, 53. They "I met the artist for fifteen years and forged bonds of friendship. So much so that in 2015, the singer's entourage offers to watch over him while recording his new album, the first for seven years"Our brothers write: The first lives near Moulins (Allier) with his wife and three children and he is a postman while the second lives in Lyon (Rhône) with his wife and two children. He alternates their guards with Renaud, both at The Isle-sur-la-Sorgue (Vaucluse) than in Paris.

Taking care to dispel any controversy over what may seem to be a form of paper protection, they explain: "Three words summarize our relationship with Renaud: trust, loyalty and integrity. We have nothing to sell to him. We both go very well and it's essential. Because, like the others, we could have avoided the first difficulties. And it was! The recording of the album, the three treatments in the clinic (the artist has resumed his fight against alcohol last year, ed) ! (…) We are very protective of him, sometimes he is back straps, he protects him, including himself. He would have died if we weren't there. That's why, I think, his family trusts us."

And Renaud, who will release a new album entitled Children and children first this fall while producing his friend Dave's new album, to confirm the words of his assistants. "Thanks to them, I'm never alone. (…) They have many roles. Drivers, cooks, bodyguards, accountants … This is the first time I have assistants. They listen to me, they advise me. Sometimes even in the album. They reassure me. All time"he confesses, assistants who also ensure his health since he has rehabilitation every morning."I broke the two rays in January, the two ulnites, the two wrists. I wore splints for two months, I couldn't do anything, eat more, sign an autograph. But it's better"Jura.

Thomas Montet


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