Renault again caps his forecast

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The French carmaker is under pressure.

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Munich Renault With a renewed reduction in the forecast, he is worried about further bad news from the automotive industry. The skeptical outlook of the French carmaker weighed on Friday, the shares of several competitors.

While the Renault titles in Paris fell by twelve percent, gave each of BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen by about 0.5 percent. The German carmakers will present their quarterly balances in the coming weeks.

Renault had declared on Thursday evening to expect a decline in sales of between three and four percent for the full year. The profit will shrink even more: The return on sales will be only five percent instead of the previously expected six percent. In addition, the company announced that it would review its medium-term goals.

While the whole industry is struggling with sales difficulties worldwide, the French group is particularly worried about the markets in Turkey and Argentina. Only in July, Renault had cut the forecast because of the meager auto economy and for 2019 instead of a growth only on the previous year's level in view.

Renault had also separated from his boss Thierry Bolloré after the scandal surrounding the allegation of financial irregularities against former boss Carlos Ghosn. The successor Clotilde Delbos had taken advantage of the forecast lowering the favor of the hour to make their own start easier commented the analysts of NordLB.

"The same would be the case in the next few weeks BMW Do not be surprised. "Jefferies industry experts said they were not surprised by the reduction in the actual level of the forecast, but by its size.

More: Renault boss Thierry Bolloré warns in an interview with the Handelsblatt before a crisis in the auto industry.

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