Renault Scenic Vision with hydrogen and battery electric drive

Wolfgang Gomoll and Raoul Schinnen

Older Renault fans associate the Scenic name with success. Der Scenic was the one who founded the segment of successful and versatile compact vans in Europe in the mid-1990s and quickly became a pioneer in its class. A good 30 years after the first, successful Scenic concept (world premiere in 1991 at the IAA Frankfurt), the French have now once again conjured up a study out of a hat with the Scenic Vision, the name of which alone is a commitment to innovation and success.

It starts with the revolutionary drive train, which for the first time offers hydrogen with a 15 kW fuel cell as well as a 40 kWh battery and electric motor. With this combination, you can fill up with hydrogen if you want to go fast and far – and then charge the battery overnight. Renault is presenting such an electric car that can be refueled almost as quickly as a normal combustion engine if required.

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