Renault’s STOCK MARKET TICKER figures are well received

Frankfurt, Oct 23 (Reuters) – The following is the stock exchange ticker for important price movements on the international financial markets and their causes:

11:01 a.m. – A surprisingly small drop in sales gives Renault a boost. The shares of the French automaker rise by two percent. The company was able to achieve higher prices for its vehicles than expected, commented analyst Philippe Huchois of the investment bank Jefferies.

9:58 am – Billions in profits from the British Barclays and the Scandinavian Nordea Bank lift the mood in the financial sector. The industry index rises by 2.5 percent. “You can also read between the lines of the quarterly reports published so far that the classic lending business is doing comparatively well,” says a stockbroker. “Although there are provisions for bad loans, it will probably not be as catastrophic as initially feared.”

9.40 a.m. – Encouraging economic data push the European stock exchanges. Dax and EuroStoxx50 overcome their initial weakness and gain one percent respectively to 12,654 and 3201 points. The index for the mood of purchasing managers from German industry turned out better than expected at 58 points.

9:21 am – A surprisingly high quarterly profit encourages investors to join Barclays. The UK bank’s shares rise 4.5 percent. Despite the gloomy outlook for the coming months, the bottom line is that the numbers are positive, sums up investment strategist Michael Hewson from brokerage firm CMC Markets. The institute can rely on the investment banking division, which is a pillar in these difficult times.

9:13 am – In the hope that demand will pick up again, investors join Airbus. The aircraft manufacturer’s shares listed in Germany rose by three percent after the company asked its suppliers to prepare for higher production of the successful A320 series. However, demand will only rise again when current stocks are depleted, says analyst Sandy Morris from the Jefferies investment bank.

8:18 a.m. – For fear of an excess supply, investors continue to withdraw from the crude oil market. The Brent variety from the North Sea is 0.5 percent cheaper to $ 42.24 per barrel. Real-time economic data pointed to falling demand because of the coronavirus pandemic that flared up again, stockbrokers say. At the same time, nervousness is growing because of the approaching consultations by Opec about the delivery volumes.

7.42 a.m. – Raised targets for the year as a whole give Daimler a boost on Friday. The shares gain around one percent in the pre-trading session. However, the new forecasts sound better than they are on closer inspection, criticized a stockbroker. The targeted free cash flow is not very ambitious against the background of the quarterly results. The outlook for operating profit is also disappointing. (Compiled by the Reuters market team. If you have any questions, please contact the editorial management on 030 2201 33702)


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