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Renewable energy companies have the right to go to court: Sener

Rocío Nahle García, Head of Energy (Sener), assured that the owners of generation companies of alternative energies they have the right to resort to judicial instances and to exercise their rights; however, he stated that they cannot defame or slander, as some groups have done.

In an interview outside the National Palace, after participating in the act of commemoration of Venustiano Carranza’s 100th mourning anniversary, the secretary explained that because the Sener The head of the sector will be in the legal fight to defend the federal government’s criteria on the issue of clean energy generation.

“The President said it now in the morning, everyone has the right and their rights are going to be respected and the government is also going to do the same, the legal and judicial bodies, this is how it is.”

“With some (businessmen) I have spoken, but there is a campaign by certain groups; They are in all their rights, nothing more that they cannot defame or slander, because they slander and defame, so that is something else, but we are working ”.

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Nahle García pointed out that the federal government has a plan to promote renewable energy and proof of this, he indicated, is that every year the National Electric System Development Program (Prodesen) and where it is proposed how the capacity of renewable energies will continue to increase and the way in which the energy transition will be made.

“In this year, May 31 should be published – due to the contingency, I think it will take another month – but we are already working on it for this year’s publication. 16% of renewable energy in this country is hydraulic

“No one has mentioned the water dams that we have or that the Federal electricity commission (CFE) and that they are very noble, and these dams or the ideal is that they work at their highest power, the turbines of some of the hydroelectric plants are going to be repowered, the CFE has contemplated this. ”

In this sense, he reported that the federal government works with the government of Mexico City on a project to put solar panels in the Wholesale Market “Which are like 300 hectares, in an orderly way. That is self-consumption, that helps us because it does not load the network and helps us. “

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Rocío Nahle García assured that the CFE produces renewable energy and proof of this is that it has wind and solar parks, and “of course, it has nuclear power, which is the cleanest energy in the world. We have one, in the United States there are more than 30 nuclear power plants; We have geothermal energy, that geothermal is also a technique, that is the most renewable thing that you can imagine ”.

He indicated that the three electricity auctions assigned to private companies in the past six years have been fully respected, and which, he explained, already have almost 70% of installed infrastructure, and the rest is about to be completed, so they will come into operation. this year or the next “and its programs are being respected, there is no problem.”




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