Renfe cannot find any company that takes charge of its customer service after months of competition

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setback for Renfe. Renfe has declared void the process to find a company to provide contact center services for clients and distributors of Renfe Viajeros, one of the four subsidiaries that make up the group.

The public company launched the tender to find a provider for its customer service services at the end of March, however it has not waited for the end of the summer and at the beginning of August it concluded the process. Company sources have transferred to THE WORLD that the offers received “they did not meet the requested requirements”Therefore, the company has preferred to consider this route exhausted and open a new bidding processwhich would have already begun to take its first steps, according to the same sources.

Likewise, the company points out that this setback in the search for a supplier will not have an impact in the attention that customers receive from RenfeSince, until a replacement is found that meets the demands of the public company, the contract of the company that currently provides the service will be renewed.

The company started the public tender at end of March of this year and, from the beginning, its processing was hectic, since the specifications and the public announcement of the tender were rectified on two occasions to include, for example, the amount of possible extensions that could be approved once it was awarded the service.

Renfe offered to pay an initial amount of €29.4 million, taxes included, to the customer service company that will manage the contact centers of its subsidiary for the next three years. Likewise, the proposed contract could be subject to several extensions, up to a total of 24 additional months to those initially signed, which would have meant new disbursements for the public company. In total, the estimated value of the contract amounted to practically €39 million if the five years of provision of the service stipulated as the maximum duration were completed.

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