Rennes, the season of thrills


By winning his ticket to the Stade de France thanks to his victory in Lyon (2-3), Stade Rennes once again gave the right to dream, offering new emotions to his supporters. The logical continuation of an already historic season for the club after its European course and a new opportunity to show that Rennes is growing. And too bad if it ends again without a trophy.

It was enough to drink the words of Hatem Ben Arfa to understand that this season had already changed many things at the Stade Rennais. " First, Rennes, was a club, you came, you knew you finished between seventh and tenth place, left midfielder Rennes in an interview with the team before moving to Lyon. And the fans, today, have joy and hope. Before, they were frustrated, they said to each other: our club is a sparring partner. The season is already successful compared to that, and I'm happy to have participated. It will remain, and the club must give even more to this city. But today you talk about Rennes, it's more exciting."
A very revealing statement, especially when it comes from a player recently landed in Britain, noting the evolution of a more often ridiculed club than congratulated in recent years. But here at Groupama Stadium, the thrill of Rennes struck again, this time to expel Lyon to allow itself the right to dream, once again, of composting its ticket for the Stade de France. Crazy.

A question of emotions

Ten years after the tragic final of the Coupe de France against Guingamp, the Rennais will then find the Stade de France for the fourth time in the last decade. Except this time, the story is different. If the band Stéphan has to wait Wednesday night to know the identity of its opponent (Nantes or PSG), it must already be aware that it will surely give the club one of the most beautiful seasons in its history, if it is not the most beautiful C & # 39; it was this broken curse against Jablonec one night in September, a chicken phase in the Europa League, a first historic qualification against Astana and above all two double magic comparisons against Betis Sevilla and Arsenal. " They have served us what we have experienced in C3. I used all this in my pre-game chat", Julien Stephan exulted in a press conference after the victory in Lyon. And without being wrong, this qualifying in Rennes is not only good news for the Rennes fans, but also for these neutral spectators, who have had difficulty watching the SRFC games on the European stage at the end of the winter.

"My goal was to give pride to the red and black community, he recently confided to President Olivier Létang in a podcast animated bywest of France.An entire club does what it takes to get to that level. We are in a change of mentality.A successful mission, the Breton club has already managed to bring 3,500 fans to Seville, 6,000 in London and it should be almost 30,000 to gather the French capital on April 27, to afford a final dose of dreams. Imagine the symbol: the SRFC puts an end to an infinite famine of forty-eight years under the guidance of Julien Stephan. He, a native of Rennes. The beautiful story is on, say the eternal optimists. The others will also see in this final the opportunity to find the joys of Europe next season. And they will be right: the Rennais must not settle for a coup, we will have to make a chain to change permanently. But the evaluation will be done later. Meanwhile, whatever the outcome of this crazy season, Rennes has already been full of emotions. And that's what matters.

By Clément Gavard

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