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Property website Zoopla has excluded advertising that refuses to rent homeowners.

The National Housing Federation found that one in ten ads on Zoopla specified "no DSS" or "no housing subsidy".

The National Landlords Association (NLA) and the Residential Landlord & # 39; s Association (RLA) have stated that general restrictions should not be used.

Zoopla will now specifically prohibit "No DSS" restrictions and will remove the "No DSS" fields on its software.

Charlie Bryant, managing director of Zoopla, said: "We fully support the recommendations of the NLA and the RLA, which oppose generalized prohibitions against tenants who receive housing subsidies and are happy to take action that clarify this position ".

The move follows a growing pressure on mortgage lenders, insurers, real estate agents and real estate classifieds sites to not discriminate against people on performance.

This month NatWest Bank said it would change its restrictions on buy-to-let mortgages – which in one case led an owner to receive an application for revocation of an existing mortgage while a mortgage was refused after renting the property to a tenant on the benefits of housing.

Parliamentary inquiry

Parliament's Labor and Pensions Committee has launched an investigation into discrimination against benefit applicants.

They are lenders, landowners, agents and benefit recipients and conduct an online survey of applicants who have had problems finding a place to rent or problems with the owners.

The National Housing Federation and Shelter have stated that women and people with disabilities are more at risk of being discriminated against, which could violate the Equality Act of 2012.

A court case last year saw a single mother get compensation for discrimination from a rental agency that refused to consider her a tenant because she was in charity.

He argued that the restriction indirectly discriminated against women, especially single women, because they are proportionally more likely to apply for housing subsidy than single men, according to official figures.


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