Rent bonus, low ISEE? € 3,000 to everyone! Applications end of 2022

Rent bonus at the start. All citizens with ISEE low, residing in specific regions of Italy, will be able to take advantage of a series of concessions on the monthly cost of the rent, saving up to 3,000 euros.

We had been talking about it for months, but finally the question has reached a turning point: the expenses incurred for the payment of the rent could be facilitated through the Rental bonus 2022.

A real novelty that is going to interest all citizens in an evident state of economic difficultybetter to say at a low ISEE.

Those who have rented a house or simply a room for any reason (work, study, private life) can rely on a package of discounts and tax deductions specially designed to make the rent less burdensome.

But how can you apply for the 2022 rental bonus? Let’s start with a small premise: the 2,000 euro Bonus addressed to citizens under 31 years of age is not yet available. This means that it will not be possible to apply yet to benefit from the facilitation, even if you meet the requirements for access to the measure.

However, we must not make a bundle of all the grass. If the 2022 government-style rental bonus is not yet defined, many Regions have seized the ball to give low-income families an extra shot in the arm by promoting initiatives very similar to the rent bonus of 2000 euros designed for low ISEE citizens.

This is the case of the Lombardy. The region has introduced a Rent bonus, similar to a discount of 3,000 euro, to be applied on certain monthly installments of the rent: residents can submit applications to participate by the end of 2022.

In the wake of Lombardy also there Sicily. Some time ago the Region had introduced a rental bonus very similar to the previous one both in the requirements to be met and in the amounts. Once again, the beneficiaries of the measure were families with a low ISEE e the amount of the rental bonus was always around 3,000 euros.

Having said that, we provide an overview of the currently active rental bonuses and the benefits that can save us a few euros more on the rent of an entire property or a single room.

Before that, we leave you to the vision of a detailed YouTube video of the channel “Come Faccio A” on the subject.

Rent bonus, low ISEE? up to 3,000 euros discount and questions by the end of 2022: what they are

Do you find yourself reading this article and see yourself fully in the situation just described? Do you have to pay the rent for a property or a room on a monthly basis and, being the holder of a low ISEE, do you encounter many difficulties in paying the expenses?

The benefits we talked about at the beginning of the article are for you. You can safely access the Rental bonus up to 3,000 euros and incentives put in place by your region of residence. And if you find yourself having an age of less than 31, you’ve hit the mark!

In addition to any 2022 rental bonus made available by your local authority, you can access the Rent bonus of 2,000 euros designed by the state.

In order not to leave anyone with unclear ideas, let’s see immediately what are the currently active and requestable rental bonuses.

It starts from Lombardy. The Region gave the green light to the 3,000 euro rental bonus a few weeks ago. For this reason, families with low ISEE will already be able to submit applications to benefit from the subsidy. However, there is no reason to hurry: applications will expire on December 31, 2022.

The rental bonus for young people under 31 will expire on 30 Junewhile applications for the rental bonus aimed at low ISEE families can be submitted by the end of 2022.

As far as the functioning is concerned, almost all the 2022 rental bonuses are substantiated in a tax deduction on the expenses incurred for the monthly rent, whether it concerns the entire property or a single room.

Let’s look at each of the 2022 Rental Bonuses just mentioned.

Rent bonus, low ISEE up to € 3,000 in Lombardy: applications at the end of 2022. What requirements

Let’s begin our discussion on Low ISEE rental bonus starting from Lombardy. As anticipated in the previous paragraph, the call to access the concession on the rent is already active.

Families can now submit applications to obtain a reduction of 3,000 euros on expenses of rent.

But what requirements must be met in order to be eligible for the grant by the end of 2022? All conditions are put in black and white in the resolution of the Regional Council n. 5324.

All low ISEE families who have rented a private property having signed a contract of at least six months can take advantage of the Rent Bonus up to € 3,000. More, the applicant must not have an income exceeding 35,000 euros.

Priority will be given to citizens residing in Lombardy without a job, unemployed and to families with a seriously ill member inside.

Rent bonus 2022, 3,000 euros to everyone with low ISEE in Lombardy: when to submit applications?

Requesting the Lombardy Region Rental Bonus 2022 is quite simple. The questions to take advantage of the discount of up to 3,000 euros on the rent must be presented to the Municipality of residence respecting the deadline indicated in the announcement. Which?

Families and individuals with low ISEE will have an end time at the end of 2022 to forward the applications to the Municipality.

Pay attention to the ISEE limit to be respected! At the moment, the Lombardy Region sets the threshold at 35,000 euros, but it is not excluded that some municipalities may change it downwards.

As regards the amounts, however, the beneficiaries of the rental bonus will be able to obtain up to 3,000 euros of discount on the rent for no more than 8 months.

Rent bonus, low ISEE? to under 31 € 2,000: how does the discount work?

Let’s move on to according to the Rent Bonus, the one aimed at young people aged 20 to 31 years of age. We are talking about a series of tax deductions granted to students who find themselves honoring the rent of a house or room on a monthly basis.

The discount on the rent, even if similar to the previous one because it is granted only with a low ISEE, it guarantees a reduction in expenses of up to 2,000 euros.

Introduced with the Budget Law last year, in 2022 it was revisited to introduce a number of new features.

The 2022 rental bonus provides for an increase in the registry threshold from 30 to 31 years, in addition to a deduction for the first four years of the contract not exceeding 991.60 euros. Beyond this threshold, a 20% discount is applied up to a maximum of 2,000 euros.

Another requirement to be met concerns the Indicator of the Equivalent Economic Situation: being the 2022 rental bonus granted to under 31s the ISEE threshold not to be exceeded is 15,493.71 euros per year.

Rental bonus under 31, up to 2,000 euros without ISEE: questions until June 30, 2022. How to get it?

Before concluding our review on Rent bonus 2022 at low ISEElet’s see how to submit applications to benefit from the under-31 rental bonus.

Applications must be sent toRevenue Agency no later than the deadline set on 30 June 2022.

In this case, you will not benefit from a discount, but from a tax credit to be used in the tax return.

We come to the amounts. A maximum tax deduction of 991.60 euros is guaranteed to the beneficiaries of the Rental Bonus for the first 4 years of signing the lease, if of longer duration, a 20% discount is applied on the rent, without exceeding 2,000 euros.

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