Rental prices in cities are falling. The biggest decline is reported by Prague

A nineteen-year-old expectant mother from Litoměřice has been looking for a small apartment for rent with her boyfriend since the end of last year. Even though the birth is approaching, they have to stay with their parents for now. Everything she had found so far was beyond her financial means. Or she had to join the waiting list.

“We went to see 1 + kk in Litoměřice. The gentleman told us that he would call, but nothing for two months. That’s why we contacted him and he said that he has been busy for a long time,” says Jennifer Pflegerová, an interested party for rent. .

But now the young family had new hope. According to surveys of real estate servers, there are currently 60% more small apartments on offer than there were at the same time last year.

There is a record interest in building savings among the Czechs. More in the report:

“The biggest jumper was Prague, in which 4,500 bids took turns in June this year, which is twice as many as in the same period last year,” confirmed Hana Kořínková, manager of the advertising services team.

“A lot of flats that were used on Airbnb and the like got on the market. At the moment, they are used for long-term leases,” said Brno real estate agent Pavel Maloušek.

At the same time, rentals are cheaper. It is said that the price fell by as much as a quarter year on year. Most where there are the most small flats, ie in big cities.

“Within the Czech Republic, rents have become cheaper in seven regions, with the largest drop in prices in Prague and the Karlovy Vary region,” says Kořínková.

“Real estate prices are constantly rising, I do not assume that the preferential rental of a small apartment will take some time in the long run,” added real estate expert Tomáš Kučera.

Interest in small flats is said to have risen significantly over the last four months. According to real estate servers, up to a fifth more people are now looking for small rentals.


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