Rented house and do not have a vehicle


Member of the Supervisory Board of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Artidjo Alkostar passed away yesterday (28/2). Many high-ranking state officials have seen official figures who are known for their simplicity.

As a state official, the late Artidjo also submitted the State Officials’ Wealth Report (LHKPN) to the last KPK in 2019. Based on the LHKPN quoted detikcom, Monday (1/3/2021), Artidjo Alkostar left Rp. 922.25 million.

Even though he has served as Supreme Court judge, Artidjo remains a simple person. Because, of his total assets which reached Rp. 922 million, he did not own a motorized vehicle. In the LHKPN, the column for transportation equipment and machines is nil.

Meanwhile, for land and buildings, the value is IDR 700 million covering an area of ​​197 m2 in Sleman. The late Artidjo also had other movable assets worth Rp 19 million, and cash and cash equivalents of Rp 203,258,912. Therefore, Artidjo Alkostar leaving assets of IDR 922.25 million.

The late Artidjo also rented a room in Kwitang for Rp. 12 million per year. The house is on a small street in Central Jakarta and has four rooms, the house has now been beautified and is located so far from the river.

Late Artidjo Alkostar occupied that rented house until 2009, when he was allocated a special apartment unit for state officials in Kemayoran.

Watch the video ‘Artidjo Alkostar Returns, The Guardian of Justice Has Gone’:

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