Renzi does not like Ulivetto and neither does the sovereign right (but neither nor is not enough)

Accustomed to 27 years of such a bipolarism, which today identifies itself as bipopulism, we all find it hard to think that politics can be done outside the two blocs. This is why the proposal for a new center, the political heart of Matteo Renzi’s political speech at Leopolda dell’Orgoglio – number 11 – leaves a little cold. Perplexed. But where does he go alone?

A legitimate question that, after Renzi got off the stage after one of his always heated “Leopoldini” speeches, the reporters ask themselves and ask the interlocutors. Where are you going, Italy alive? Where do you do this “new house” of which Ettore Rosato spoke, once he realized that the previous one, “they reduced a shack, they destroyed it”? With whom? Is there room for a new home, or a new political “What”?

Renzi is sure so, beyond the chords and maneuvers. Meanwhile at the Lepolda there were Beppe Sala, Enrico Costa of Action, Benedetto Della Vedova of + Europa. The word “center” gives him “hives” if presented as a political move but not if it is thought of as a “space” to be conquered in order to win: as Olaf Scholz did in Germany, going to take Merkel’s votes and as they guessed Emmanuel Macron, now the North Star of Renzismo, and even Joe Biden in the United States, albeit with the effort we know. All this is nothing new in Renzism.

Almost eight years ago, in the preface to the new edition of Norberto Bobbio’s fundamental book “Right and Left”, the then secretary of the Democratic Party wrote: “Faced with this powerful change in social and economic, cultural and political perspective, the left must show to have courage and not betray herself. He must accept to live the constant movement of the present times and welcome it as a blessing and not as a hindrance. It is this extraordinary, unstoppable movement that breaks through the old two-dimensionality of the right / left dyad and gives it temporality and new strength. But often, in Italy and in Europe, the left is afraid of it ».

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Here, today Renzi has come to the conclusion that the Democratic Party has definitively portrayed itself in the face of “new things”, preferring populist regression. Nothing good comes from the men of the Nazarene “drunk with beppegrillism”, and maybe Matthew thinks of them when, badly, he says that “only he who crawls does not fall”, a reply to the “cowardly silences” about the lack of solidarity ( Irene Tinagli aside) on the Open affair.

This is why the idea of ​​a “new thing” in the wake of the European experience of Renew Europe (which, however, does not mention) and of macronism, recalls the warning that years ago, during one of the many controversies within the Democratic Party – was secretary Pier Luigi Bersani – Paolo Gentiloni said: “There is a risk that we will have to go and play the Democratic Party somewhere else.” And in fact, both in Renzi’s speech and in those, for example, of the three highly acclaimed “Bs” (Maria Elena Boschi, Elena Bonetti and Teresa Bellanova), the attack is not on the Democratic Party itself but on what the Democratic Party has become , up to the embrace with the politician that perhaps Renzi despises most of all, namely Giuseppe Conte. An agreement with his former party is therefore impossible. Probably it will be a break that will perhaps also please Enrico Letta, certainly exponents such as Peppe Provenzano, Andrea Orlando, Goffredo Bettini: they got rid of him effortlessly. Because there is no doubt that the umbilical cord has broken.

The head of IV is sure that there is space for a new adventure, but there is no doubt that Italia viva still has to work a lot because for now it is a space that is defined by negation: nor with the Democratic Party embracing the populism of Giuseppe Conte or Giorgia Meloni who is more to the right of Marine Le Pen (and Matteo Salvini who stays with the sovereigns instead of aiming for the EPP). The “neither nor” usually has never led well, from Mario Segni to Gianfranco Fini. But the news is there (other than Leopolda minor, as someone immediately said). The news is the substantial escape of Renzi from a center left who, moreover – and on this he is right to sell – has changed its original characteristics and today presents itself as the sum of a Pd model “Ditta” plus Conte’s populist M5s.

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Evidently the leader of Italia viva does not believe that the conditions exist for an organic agreement with this “Ulivetto” Letta-Conte, nor even those to condition him from within, which does not preclude specific agreements in Parliament and in the country. But in short, nothing is more obvious. They will say that Renzi went right, but that’s not true. How completely out of proportion is the reading of a Renzi who goes with the right, because he thinks of a new center, how wide it will be seen.

And maybe we’ll see soon. Even Renzi has hypothesized a date for early elections, June 2022. Whether he did it to warm up the engine of his little racing car or to frighten the parliamentarians of all political forces by inviting them without saying it to be good and to let Mario Draghi go on , this is not clear. It can be both. But certainly the new evocation of the polls signals the degree of fraying of relations between the parties that should be allies, suspecting among other things that there are “personal advantages” that some leaders may have by going to elections next year, for example for renew the parliamentary groups (“bring his reference group to Parliament”): Letta’s ears will ring.

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