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There was a tense moment in the recent edition of “This is war” after Renzo Schuller y Johanna San Miguel They got into a verbal fight.

This situation arose because Johanna wanted to address the production because of the way a competition was being conducted. However, she was interrupted by some members of ‘The Fighters’ and Renzo Schuller, something that made her upset.

“I can’t seem to talk here. Please turn off the mics! Let me first say what I think and then if you want to jump on my neck, but first let me speak “said Johanna San Miguel.

Renzo Schuller did not allow his partner to express her point of view: “Yes you can speak, but first breathe, if you don’t breathe you don’t get oxygenated and if you don’t get oxygenated, oxygen doesn’t reach your brain and you can’t vocalize.”

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The crossing of words by Renzo Schuller and Johanna San Miguel

Renzo’s comment bothered Johanna, who had no qualms about reminding Renzo Schuller of his fight with Gian Piero Díaz, his former driving partner on the reality show “Combate”.

“Renzo, the truth is that what you are saying doesn’t make me laugh. It does not make me laugh! Looks like you’re getting the wrong pair. Go look for your former duo (by Gian Piero Díaz) and talk to that person, but not with me”, indicated the ‘Mama Leona’.

Schuller was not silent and asked for respect from Johanna San Miguel to continue with the competition program.

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“Learn to be respectful of the truth ‘Chata’. It’s okay that this is a competition. I think that when you breathe, you think what you say and then not screw up. It wouldn’t be the first time in your case.”sentenced.


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