Replacement for Campuzano! The player who is in Europe and who was offered to Boca, does Riquelme accept it?

The pass market in Argentina is slowly coming to an end. With the announcement of the start of the Professional Soccer League on October 30, the pass market has less than a week left. In Boca It seemed that the incorporation period had ended, but the truth is that the Football Council is attentive to giving itself an opportunity to strengthen the team thinking about the Copa Libertadores.

Surprisingly, one of the positions that was somewhat uncovered is that of the central steering wheel. No one disputes the ownership of Jorman Campuzano, that since he assumed Russo as coach of he did not leave more than eleven. But a few days ago the sale of Ivan Marcone al Elche from Spain, so the direct replacement of the Colombian was lost. Now as options within the campus appears Capaldo, or some juvenile.

However, in the last hours a rather tempting offer appeared. TO Riquelme they offered him the chance to add to Esteban Rolón, 25-year-old central midfielder emerged from Argentinos Juniors. At the time of its emergence it generated a lot of impact due to its quality and both Boca how River they wanted it. However, the Bug from La Paternal got a better deal by selling it to Málaga of Spain, where it remained until today.

The pandemic made the directive of the Spanish team make a drastic decision, and left all its professional staff free of action where it was precisely included Rolon. Now with the pass in his possession, he is looking for a new destination to continue his career. From their representation they are offering it to different teams, and Boca was one of the wanted clubs, knowing that today Russo has no clear replacement for Campuzano.

Now everything will depend on what Riquelme decides, who knows Rolon of their time together at El Bicho de La Paternal. In any case, the steering wheel also analyzes other options. In Hurricane, Israel Damonte he wants it and continues to insist that the leadership make an effort, although it seems quite complicated. Although he has not known the level of the midfielder for a long time, he has quality and the advantage of arriving with the pass in his possession.

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