Replicant. 11 years later and seems to be better


The victorious march of games from past generations of consoles to new ones continues. Someone makes remasters, someone remakes, someone new games. This time we have an updated and prettier version of the 2010 game called NieR: Replicant. However, there is one caveat. Before us is a nomad from the generation before last to the past, and as a bonus, the game was released on the PC.

It is surprising that the game did not immediately appear on the current generation of consoles, because it is absolutely unclear why such a porting is needed 11 years after the release. In addition, it is obvious that a more recent NieR: Automata would be much more interesting to a wide audience. Yoko Taro is certainly a prominent character, and a large number of fans cannot be ignored. But still, who needs a PlayStation 4 game if you have a PS5? In case you were able to buy it. This seems to be the answer to this question.

However, the audience of the game outside of the PC version is hardly represented. The rest have either played already ten years ago, or have safely forgotten the game, mentally putting it on the shelf of old games so that they will never remember again. Moreover, as it seems, the original did not enjoy much success and was not very well understood by a wide audience. At one time we gave the game 7 points. You can get acquainted with the old letters about the game at this link.

If anyone does not know, then NieR: Replicant is a story about a distant future, where the entire planet has rolled back in its development to around primitive times. Society is fragmented and fragmented, everyone lives in small enclaves. The general atmosphere is depressing, with the understanding that sooner or later local shadow monsters will reach all living things.

At the same time, we have before us that version of the game where the main character is Yona’s brother, not father. Well, then you are released into a world where you need to run from city to city through narrow rocky areas, or huge (by the standards of this particular game) pastures with sheep or someone else. From time to time you need to fend off the shadows, listen to the townspeople, complete simple tasks and, in general, endlessly rush from point A to point B. Oh yeah, fishing and farming are literally the only game mechanics that bring variety. The rest of the time you need to look for items, and then bring them back.

As for the updates, a new, more modern engine was brought here. The detailing has grown everywhere, the characters have become clearer in every sense of the word, and the vegetation and the elaboration of the world have stepped forward a little. But you need to understand that we are talking about an improvement relative to the original game, if we compare even with a mediocre game of this or last year, then the comparison in terms of the level of graphics will clearly not be in favor of NieR: Replicant.

The monstrous number of downloads when moving from location to location, long transitions from cut-scenes to character control, general dullness and secondary graphics make themselves felt even after the game is updated. Despite a fairly large leap in graphics quality compared to the original, it is still too difficult to get rid of the idea that you are playing something very old. The overall manufacturability clearly falls short of modern standards.

Nevertheless, a certain number of fans will clearly be happy. Given the release on PC, it will be possible to wait for some custom patches that improve something else. Otherwise, the relevance of the game suffers greatly. It is quite obvious that this release is intended exclusively for loyal connoisseurs.

The game has clearly improved visually, received significantly improved picture detail. But it didn’t become better on its own, didn’t become on a par with the games of not only the current, but even the last generation of consoles. Buying NieR: Replicant is worth it only for a collection or out of a very strong desire.

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