Sport Report .. After the April agreement ... Khatib fulfills...

Report .. After the April agreement … Khatib fulfills Fyler’s wish

In the recent period, Ramadan Sobhi, the player of Al-Ahly and the loaned person from Huddersfield ranks, was leading the scene, as news indicates that he is close to returning to professionalism, and another that the young player continues in the ranks of the red castle permanently, but Nader Shawky, Ramadan’s agent, recently came out to decide the future of his client in the period Coming.

The beginning was in Mercato January 2019, the Al-Ahly administration headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib decided to support the team further in light of the modest results so that the decision to return Ramadan Sobhi from England but temporarily, each party wants to benefit from this experience especially that Ramadan suffered a lot in the country of fog.

With the end of last season, the Al-Ahly administration entered into negotiations with Huddersfield to keep the services of the 23-year-old again, but for a longer period, specifically, to obtain his services for a full season.

Ramadan with Al-Ahly this season and despite his lack of participation due to injury, the player has regained his luster again, not only this but was the most prominent in the coach Shawky Gharib’s battalion during the African Nations U-23 Championship, where Ramadan was the leader who carried the slogan “Pharaohs” towards Qualify for the Tokyo Olympics after winning the continental championship, which was held in Egypt.

Described by Feiler:

During his appearance on “On Time Sports 1” screen, the Swiss coach, Al-Ahly club coach Rene Filer, announced his desire to keep Ramadan Subhi services in light of the level provided by the young player this season.

Feiler announced that he would ask the administration to retain the player, noting that if attempts to keep Ramadan fail, he would look at other alternative cards.

According to the numbers of the 23-year-old with Al-Ahly during this season, he participated in nine games (six games in the We Egyptian League + three games in the African Champions League), and Ramadan scored five goals against his contribution in one crucial pass.

English Decision:

Remains in the contract Ramadan Ramadan Sobhi only two seasons with the English club Huddersfield, which made the club administration decide to agree to the player’s departure in order to benefit from the money, according to the assurances of Nader Shawky, the player’s agent.

Shawky added that the Huddersfield administration wants to benefit from the sale of Ramadan, because if the player does not leave, he will only have one year left in his contract, which means that he can leave for free.

This desire on the part of Huddersfield will give Al Ahly management the opportunity to buy the player once and for all, especially that Ramadan wants to stay in Egypt and play in the red team’s jersey if he does not experience the professionalism again.

The player’s agent noted during his statements on the “On Time Sports 1” screen, that Ramadan received an attractive offer from a club in the Egyptian league, but the player has one desire, which is to stay with Al-Ahly if he continues in Egypt.

April Agreement:

Last April, there was a session between Mahmoud Al-Khatib and Nader Shawky, according to what was disclosed by the agent of Ramadan Subhi, explaining that the session came in order to agree on the survival of Ramadan Subhi.

And agent Ramadan Sobhi added, that after this session, there was another session between the preacher and the player, through which it was agreed on the outlines of the player’s continuation, pointing out that the agreement was made for the player to stay with the condition of his departure for professionalism if there was a good offer.

European offers:

Ramadan has already received offers from many European leagues, according to what Nader Shawky revealed, saying: “Every day I receive many offers, especially from Turkey.”

He added: “There was an offer from Greece, Russia and Germany as well, but shyly, but we are trying to transfer the player to the Portuguese league.”
He revealed: “We are awaiting the end of the season and the teams settling their position on the European competitions, and this is our goal to transfer Ramadan to the team that suits him, especially as he is young.”



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