Report: BVB star Jadon Sancho must pay a fine after being suspended


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And not only that: as reported in the newspaper, Saturday morning, the day of the Gladbach game, Sancho had to complete a punitive training session in the pouring rain in Dortmund – making tours around the training ground for just under a & # 39; Now.

"First of all, he's a good guy and a good guy, but he's still very young, testing his limits from time to time – and we have to fix them," said BVB sports director Michael Zorc on Saturday night before the most important game Sancho è been removed from the team. This is not the first time that Sancho has attracted attention with non-discipline.

After evaluating all the factors, Zorc decided not to name Sancho: "We didn't make the easy decision, but there were no alternatives." Sancho is an excellent player, but we have a responsibility for the club, for team hygiene, "said the head of the BVB, but stressed that the suspension only applies to the Gladbach game.

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