Report on business Russia: no tweets from Mar-a-Lago


The Democrats are demanding that Mueller's full report on the Russian deal be presented to Congress. The US Department of Justice is advised on this. President Trump is still silent, he doesn't even tweet.

By Martin Ganslmeier, ARD Studio Washington

United States Secretary of Justice William Barr and his deputy Rod Rosenstein met on Saturday at the Ministry of Justice. You must decide to what extent the Congress should be informed about the results of the Mueller report. At his Senate hearing, Barr promised he would do as much as possible.

Democrats require a full report

The Democrats in Congress do not want to rely on it. They fear that Mueller's important insights will be swept under the carpet. In a conference call, the Democrats agreed on their next steps.

Nancy Pelosi, spokeswoman for the House of Representatives, invited the Minister of Justice to provide Congress with "the full report and all the underlying documents". Only in this way can the congressional committees continue their investigations, independently of Mueller.

Democratic Commissioner Jerry Nadler, president of the House Judiciary Committee, even announced: "We will present a petition to the report under penalty of punishment and reserve the right to convene the special investigator Mueller to testify in committee".

"There was no conspiracy collaboration"

The nervousness of the Democrats has a reason. The few facts that have come to light so far are good news for Trump: the fact that Mueller did not bring the charges against Trump's son, Donald Junior or his son-in-law Jared Kushner, was celebrated by supporters of the president as a victory .

Mueller probably found no evidence of conspiracy cooperation between Trump's campaign team and Russia, suspected Ken Starr, who prepared as a special investigator 20 years ago, Bill Clinton's impeachment: "We should finally finish this chapter: There was no conspiracy collaboration with Russia, on the other hand, Russian attempts to influence our elections are a real threat ".

Also the influence of Russia on the presidential election was examined by Mueller. However, it has long been proven.

Trump spreads security

US President Donald Trump has behaved unusually in his home for the weekend Mar-a-Lago. No comment on the completion of the Mueller survey and no tweets of the entire day. After a few hours of golf, the reporters filmed it through the window of his car – both thumbs stretched with confidence towards the top.

Her spokeswoman Sarah Sanders pointed out that the White House has not been informed of the report so far. Journalists who have traveled to Florida report that the mood around Trump is good.

It is no wonder, says left-wing liberal commentator Van Jones at CNN: "Democrats and progressives like me have been saying for almost two years," Wait until Mueller's report arrives! in jail "

Many "by-catches" for Mueller

Probably better for the president than the Democrats hoped. But regardless of the findings of the Mueller investigation, Trump is far from being hooked.

Muller's "intercepting" investigations into Trump's prosecutor's office in New York include illegal foreign contributions, tax and banking frauds and – due to fraudulent payments to pornstars Stormy Daniels – even violations of the electoral campaign funding law . Furthermore, there are several congressional inquiry commissions. It is still too early for the applause of victory.

The topics of the day were reported on 23 March 2019 at 11.15pm.



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