(CNN Español) — The International Independent Fact-Finding Mission on Venezuela, which belongs to the United Nations (UN), presented this Wednesday in Geneva, Switzerland, the conclusions of the investigations it carried out last year, where they accuse the Government of Venezuela of crimes against humanity.

As anticipated last week, this body identified patterns of violations by the Venezuelan State that would constitute crimes against humanity.

Consequences of the UN accusation on Venezuela 3:47

The head of the mission, Marta Valiñas, stated in the Human Rights Council session that serious violations have occurred in Venezuela since 2014 that have been perpetrated by members of the State security forces and intelligence services, both civil and military. .

These human rights violations include alleged extrajudicial executions, arbitrary detentions, acts of torture, among others.

He stressed that the mission acted with “total independence and impartiality”, which is why it supports all the results and conclusions of the report.

However, he clarified that the investigation activities were not physically carried out in Venezuela, since he assures that the Government did not allow them to be carried out.

For his part, the representative of the questioned Government of President Nicolás Maduro, Jorge Valero, accused the Lima Group and the United States of promoting actions against Venezuela.

He said that the UN Office for Human Rights “has disbursed about three million dollars to prepare the report from Panama by mercenaries.”

Valero affirmed that in Venezuela “all human rights and democratic freedoms are enjoyed.” And he added that officials who have committed human rights violations were punished.

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